Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts From My Past - Part 6 (15mm Road Kill Rally)

Here is the last of my "Ghosts From My Past" series.  This was built, converted, and painted by me.  It was never finished, but I got a lot done on it.  Years back, I was involved in playtesting a game called "Road Kill Rally", which is now in print by Z-man Games, but it has changed in several ways since my playtesting days.  The owners of the now defunct St. Louis game shop, "The Underground", was doing the playtesting at their store and was also running a campaign with the rules.  I had the racing philosophy of "Whatever is behind me, does not matter...all that matters is what is in front of me."  It was a good philosophy and got me first place for most of the races that I made it to play in.  I went very light, with little armor or weapons, and always pushed the envelope on speed.  I am also the playtester that became "famous" for using the Rocket-Assist pack at the start of the race.  All would have been good if I had thought to bought the parachute pack or the minesweeping sort of looked like the scene of the end of the chase of the "Nightrider" in the first "Mad Max" movie, but I was not Mel Gibson...8)

This is my display stand.  The three cheerleaders are Peter Pig's naked women that I putty up with uniforms and pom-poms.  I had the cheerleaders on my display stand, because in the playtest, you could have "slutty cheerleaders" that distracted the judges so you could do something "dirty" on the first turn.  The car is a Porsche 911 from the Micro Machine line.  The base is a GW 40mm square base.
Another view of the car.  I really wanted to get a Ferrari Testarossa for my car, but could never find one.  The "wings" on the doors and the bumper were blades.  There was a needle gun mounted on the hood and mine sweeping brushes under the bumper.  One the back, I had added two discharging tubes for my smoke screen.  The car is mounted on a small metal base.
Here is the front of the display base.  The concrete wall was built with green putty.
The back side of the display base where you can see were two of the concrete walls meet up.
Finally, the road surface of the display base is a magnetic sheet!  So my car or cheerleaders don't easily fall off of the display base as I show here while holding my base vertically.

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