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Sunday, August 7, 2016

...It needs rules for armored trains and zombies!

So, Saturday night I played several board games with a few friends.  One game we played was "Ticket to Ride".  This was the first time I ever played it. It is an interesting game about building railroad lines.  I took the black train pieces and started off coming out of New Orleans with my zombie rail gangs! Brou-ha-ha!  Unfortunately, the game doesn't have any rules for armored trains with cannons so I could shoot competitors...sigh...

Anyway, I won hands down with a total score of 131 pts, John with 100, Jules with 95, and Mike with 82. I really lucked out with my cards on what routes I was required to have, which also allowed me to get the longest train too - 41 out of 45 pieces available, as 2 pieces had to connect Atlanta to my line and I was not able to get the last two out in time before the game ended, otherwise Boston would have fallen to my Black Train of Death!. I am curious if anyone else ever seen seen a game result like this.

So the picture is the end of the game with my long black train of death almost surrounding the US! I should have been a train baron.


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