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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Russian Civil War & the Allied Intervention in Russia 1918-1922 Project

So as you may have noticed in one of my previous entries, I am doing the Allied Intervention of Russian during the Russian Civil War (RCW).  For a while I have been looking what I planning to have as part of this project and where I plan to expand it.  I figure I will layout my plans here.

Concept of the project:

Small unit combat (about ten figures per unit) during the Russian Civil War in North Russia (Archangel & Murmansk region) and Siberia.  Opposing forces will be forty to hundred figures with one or two vehicles max, per side.  Keep games between one to three hours of actual game time, preferably closer to two hours, and no more than one hours total in set up and take down time as well. 


Right now, I am pretty well set on “The Sword and the Flame” 20th Anniversary Edition (TS&TF) modified with the "Sword of Adventure", Jackson Gamers' Close Combat rules, and some of my own rules.  “TS&TF” has the advantage that it is very well known and as it very simplistic.  But I am modify it to be less deadly (black cards for hits causes morale checks on individual figures instead of wounds), plus some other changes like on the card, the unit can do an action (move or shoot), instead of all move, then shoot.


Below are my projected forces for the project.  I might not complete this list, but I will probably get close to it.  Items in brackets are figures I had not got painted yet and might not have bought yet.  I also excluded the items that are only for the War Plan Crimson project.

Command: 1x mounted overall commander, 2x foot commanders, 1x Commissar, 1x Flagman, 1x Heroine
Foot Units: 4x 10 Red Guardsmen [2x 10 Partisans, and 1x 10 Cheka riflemen]
Mounted Units: [1x 10 Cossacks]
Support Units: 1x MG teams, [1x Artillery piece, 1x Tachanka, and 1x Garford-Putilov armored truck]

White Russians (I am conceding that some of these troops will not be in winter gear)
Command: [1x mounted overall commander, 3x foot officers, 1x Flagman]
Foot Units: 4x 10 Siberian Rifles (yeah, these guys switched sides since my last entry on this project, but they can also be used for Bolsheviks too) [1x10 Officer Shock troops]
Mounted Units: [3x10 Cossacks]
Support Units: 1x MG team, [1x Artillery piece, 1x Tachanka, and 1x Austin-Putilov armored car]

Czech Legion
Command: [1x foot overall commander, 1x foot officer, 2x NCOs, 1x Flagman]
Foot Units: [4x 10 riflemen]
Support Units: [1x MG team, and 1x Artillery piece]

US Army
Command: 1x foot overall commander, 2x foot officers, 2x NCOs, 4x Sentries
Foot Units: 8x 10 infantrymen (the strong size is for a what-if they were given the go ahead for the more aggressive operations against the Bolsheviks that the British and French wanted them to do.)
Support Units: 1x MG team, [1x M1916 37mm Infantry Cannon, and 1x armored railroad car, sans the wheels, for one of the sleeping quarters/machine gun bunkers they used in Siberia.]

Command: 1x foot overall commander, 1x foot officer, 1x NCO
Foot Units: 4x 10 infantrymen
Support Units: 1x MG team, 1x Artillery piece

Individuals: [1x Femme Fatale, + other civilian like spies I can find, plus civilians]
Foot Units: [1x 10 armed railroad workers (from the AVBCW line), 2x 10 Chinese infantry (saw action in Siberia), 1x 10 British infantrymen]
Support Units: [1x armored train, plus cars

My Wish List
Winter coated Japanese, barring that, I might concede and use 1904 Japanese in summer clothing.  If I go that route, I plan to create a force of 2x 10 infantrymen & 1x 10 cavalrymen, plus 1x MG team and 1x artillery piece.  The reason for them to be smaller force is that they would also be beefed up by the White Russians infantry and Cossacks to fight the Bolsheviks…or possibly the Americans!?!?

Yep, this is a big project and will be my main focus for the year.  Almost all of the US Army and Canadians for this project will double for my War Plan Crimson project, except the US M1916 37mm cannon and the Lewis gun squad.  Since I am discussing this now I will list out the additional units for War Plan Crimson here now.

US Army (War Plan Crimson)
Support Units: 1x artillery piece [+1 more MG team, 5x M1917 light tanks, 5x Mack Bulldog trucks, 1x Mark VIII ‘Liberty’ heavy tank]

Canadians (War Plan Crimson)
Foot Units: [1x10 RCMP constables, 2x 10 trappers, 1x 10 Inuit warriors]
Support Unit: [1x Trappers MG team, 1x Carden Loyd tankette, and possibly 1x RCMP sidecar motorcycle with a MG, if I can scratch-build it.]

As you can see, this is a big project!

Be seeing you



Pete. said...

I look forward to seeing this project come together.



Sapper Joe said...

Same here! I current have the 2nd part of the project at the painters now. When I get them back, I will have the basics for an enjoyable game for the Reds, US, and Canadians. The third part which I will send off later will cover the Czechs, and most of the Whites. I think I will have a fourth part which should cover the last of it, except the vehicles and if I decided to do a force for the Mad Baron! I plan to do the vehicles myself and got the US armor primed and now in a base coat of a dark green. I probably be working on them this week for touching up the base coat and trying to learn how to dry brush again after not painting for years.