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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shapeways goodies! And I need to pick a new book to read!

So, I got my Shapeways' 15mm m/42 armored personal carriers for the Swedish UN troops for the 1960s Congo Crisis project.  Very nice little models, even though they are very expensive little buggers.  I love the hand rails around the vehicle too!  But I can see them being broken with slightly rough handling.  I guess I am going to have to act like a nun with a wooden ruler if I see any gamers getting a rowdy around them.  

Below are some pictures of the model prior to painting.  The pictures were done before the bath to clean the wax residue off that the Frost Ultra Detail material comes in.  From what I read on different forums/websites for the cleaning, I am going to do a soapy water bath first, followed by a mixed water and Goo Gone (US), then a soapy water bath again, then a mixed water and Simple Green (US) bath, and followed again with a soapy water bath and a final clean water bath.  I just did them and I am waiting for them to dry out and see if the wax is gone.

Also in most of the pictures is a base of 15mm Peter Pig's modern African militia with bolt action rifles (the old out-of-print version) from their AK47 line.  The figures are mounted on a Litko's Flames of War (FoW) medium size base (2”/ 50mm wide by 1¼”/ 32mm deep) for size relations.  The figures were painted by Fernando Enterprises painting services as part of my original order to see how their services were before committing big time.  They were painted in the Showcase quality.  I didn't have them do basing or flocking as I was still debating on if I was going to mounted them individually or in groups.  I will be basing them in groups on FoW size bases, but not with the rounded edges as I will be putting a Minibit's die frame on one corner and identification tag along the back edge.

So the next thing is what books am I going to read next?  Right now I am at a crux in deciding what I what to read next as I just have too much choices and I want to read too stuff.  Whatever I decided to read next, the following book will be on the same topic as I tend to like reading two or three books on the same topic in a row.  So you can help by chiming in on a vote for which topic would be the best for me to start next.  I plan to finally pic something by next Saturday.  Below are the topics in no specific order:

1) Congo Crisis of 1960s (for obvious reasons)

2) Russian Civil War (going back to it and staying topical with the audio book that I am listening to)
3) US Banana Wars of the first half of the 1900's (my next 28mm project that I want to start on next year)
4) The Mexican Revolution and Pershing's Expedition (it ties into the 28mm Banana Wars project)
5) US Interwar Crime (I can't get enough of reading about the crime waves of the 1920s and 1930s)
6) Forgotten military actions from the US history (Specifically on the King Philip's War and the US Navy's Anti-Slavery Squadron off of Africa pre-American Civil War)
7) Explorers and Expeditions (Roy Chapman Andrews and Ann Axtell Morris most likely, possibly H.M. Stanley or various Polar expeditions) 




Aonghus O Nia said...

Looks great now all need are Ford armored cars for my Irish in the Congo project. What figures are you planning to use for in troops? I was thinking about Peter pig with head swaps for helmets but it seems like a lot of work.

Pete. said...

The UFD print looks great. Way out of my price range although for the right model it may be worth it.

Bookwise I'd go for RCW.



Blake Wood Walker said...

Bookwise, I'm with Pete. Try Russian Civil War or Congo 1960s.

Sapper Joe said...


I am mainly using Peter Pig with head swaps. I will post an entry soon with more details.


Yep, expensive but had to get them!

@Pete & Blake:

Continuing on the RCW for reading it is! That is what I was gravitating to anyways, but also so too many "oh, shiny" topics to read.