Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Please Stand By...going off air for a while

Hello, As you probably noticed, I didn't post anything for a while and I let the 30th anniversary of the Argentine landings on April 2nd past by without comment. Without going into details, work has taken priority of my life and all of free time. I had move from a project in Texas to another one in Indiana. I found that my demands for work will quite literary be from sun up to sun set. That means 13-15 hours a day, almost every day for about the next six months. I am setting everything in my personal life aside for the next six months, including this blog. I will try get something up now and then, but only time will know. Like wise, I doubt that I will being replying to any emails/comments any time soon (I am already three weeks behind on that.) What spare time I will have will be spent trying to sort through my 15mm WWII figures to sell off as I did bring a large box of them with me. I plan to sell off about 75%-95% of that scale/project. I will make note on here hopefully in late summer of that sale. Should be several hundred figures and over a 100 vehicles, mostly US and Germany. I have decided to get rid of over half of all of gaming stuff and focus on small projects that I already started on and try not to start anything new for a long time. Lets see if it works out. Be seeing you Joe