Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hello, to my reader(s)...hopefully there are more than one of you!

Well, this is the first official posting on my Blog! It will be a while for me to get caught up to want I want /expect for my log. I plan to get some photos up in the near future of some my painted figures (...probably in a few days as I have to take the pictures first!)

What I will first provided to you is some old, classic pictures from many years ago. They were taken at the St. Louis' Big Muddy Historical Gaming Assoc.'s gaming convention, CommandCon when it use to be at the Jefferson Barrack's Historical Park. The game was runned by my friend, Steve H.; Codename - CombatColours. He was assisted by another friend Tim S.; Codename - Timmy! (I know...original!) I was not in town for that weekend, so I missed that convention. The three of us provided the painted miniatures for the Modern African game, which I believe was a modified version of "Storm of Steel" by Michael Peters, and is available for free at I will comment on the manufacturer and the painter of the miniatures for each picture. (Which CombatColours did have the lion's share of work!)


The Government Forces' Base Camp.

The Saladin Armored Car is a Roco and painted by CombatColours. The rocks & barbed wire were hand made by CombatColours. The tents are also from Roco. The UH-60 Blackhawks were 1/100th plastic kits from a company I can't recall right now. They were assembled and painted by Timmy!
The Government Forces head off looking for trouble...or is that to make trouble?
Here we get a better view of the lovely Saladin Armored Car and the barbed wire by CombatColours. The Government troops are from Peter Pig's beutiful line, AK-47 Republic. They were painted by me.
Hmm...why would the UN inspector be meeting with the local rebels?
The UN van is a HO scale model and painted by CombatColours. The building (manufacturer unknown to me) was painted by Timmy! The woods in the background were handmade also by Timmy! The African rebels are also Peter Pigs and painted by me.

Here is some pictures of the game in progress. CombatColours is doing his impersonation of some bizarre tribal chant!


J Short said...

Hey, I just stumbled on your blog and took some notice since I'm from St. Louis too. I think it's so cool that you're in Antartica. Are you seeing lots of penguins down there, I think they're so interesting. Have you seen the cool penguin and puffin exhibit at the St. Louis zoo? I went just this past summer and while I was in there a bunch of puffins got loose and started attacking people. Sweet.

Bladerunner said...

Hi there,

I found your blog on and thought I'd leave something. I didn't know you had pictures of your modern Africa games (or that you'd actually run one at a con). If you want to post some modern 15-mm Africa stuff, that would make me happy.

tim said...

Neat Stuff, Sapper Joe!

Welcome to blogging!

mad padre said...

Good start, Sapper Joe! Keep it up. From your fellow Lardie and blogspotter, Mad Padre.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog. I really like the lay out and especially the pics of the penguins. You should have them be your mascot for your blog ;)

You need to come over to the house and see the Black Water theater :)


Pete Jones said...

Nice to see people using rules from my site.

Glad they are of use to you, nice blog

Pete Jones @ freewargamesrules