Sunday, October 12, 2008

ARCHON 2008 Convention in St. Louis

Well, hello has been a while!

On the weekend of Oct. 3-5, I went to the Archon Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention in Collinsville, IL, just outside of St. Louis, MO. This was the first time that I have been to Archon since 1997...that has been a long time! (But that was the first time back since 1993...I missed the old 'Henry the VIII', the previous convention location.)

Anyway, I decided to go for various reasons...1) I was actually in town that weekend!!! (that really is amazing!), and 2) the cast of 'Cinematic Titanic' or the old cast of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 [MST3K] for their 20th Anniversary of the launching of MST3K. I am a fan of MST3K and have been from the days that used to be on the Comedy Channel in 1991.

So...I went!

I went on Friday and Saturday only. I did not have the time for Sunday's events.

I enjoyed myself for the most part. I ran into several of some my friends and some people I have not seen in probably 10 was like a family reunion...but with weird vampire freaks walking around you! [Ok, I might be too hard on the vampire freaks...but back the days of 'Henry the VIII' and the early years of the Collinsville Convention Center, I was 'volunteered under duress' to be on security...especially on the early, early morning shifts when the vampire freaks were in rare form...]

Wait, let me get back to this years convention and bury this wooden stake! 8)

So, I did take a few pictures of the MST3K panel on Friday night, but forgot my camera on Saturday...and oddly, I forgot to take the camera's disc with me when I left for Utah where I am working! I will add the pictures later, if they turned out ok.

Saturday I sat in a 3 hour panel on podcasting...hmmm...nah, I can't have that much to talk about...or do I? Don't hold your breath.

I also got into to one game, which is typical for me at conventions...I don't know why? It was a 'Call of Cthulhu - Dark Ages' game. I enjoyed it...I have not played CoC in least I died before going insane in the game, so I won!!!

But on another note...I am going to have a treat on midnight, 10/17-18th! I am going to see one my all time favorite movies...2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen!!!! I am so happy!

Well, that about wraps it up for now.

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