Monday, November 10, 2008

My Elusive Dreams - A sneak peek

Ok, I will provide a quick "sneak peek" of my elusive dreams...10mm conversions for US Gun Trucks. My current conversion is based off the actual gun truck, "Snoopy", from the 444th Transportation Company (Light), 27th Transportation Battalion.

I still have a lot to do: the 4 x .50 cal machine guns and crew in the bed; the air filter and exhaust stack; hand paint the logo on the opposite side; finish the driver; add decals for the US Stars; a radio antenna; and if I can get them to stay - rear view mirrors!

The first picture is from the Minifigs site of what the 10mm M35A2 2-1/2 ton truck will look like straight out of the kit...then were I am at on my conversion.
Now, if you think that was bad enough...I still have to convert another M35A2 to be a Quad .50cal gun truck ("Nancy" from the 444th Trans. Co.); a 3/4 ton Gun Truck (or Beep) (either "Otto" from the 359th Trans. Co. or "Godzilla" from the 512th Trans. Co); and at least one (!) Gun Jeep (or MUTT). This is not also including the infamous jeep for the 444th Trans. Co., "Moon Shiners", which was solid black in color!

Ah, yes...My Elusive Dreams....

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