Wednesday, May 27, 2009

20mm Black & Tan War Miniatures

Just a quick posting of my latest items that I got painted. These are Liberation Miniatures' 20mm "Black & Tan / Auxies with Tam O'Shanters" and one of there Irish Republican miniatures as well. I painted the British up for "Auxies" with their later issued blue uniforms.
The first picture was taken outside in the natural sunlight. Shortly after taking it, it started to rain. So the rest of the pictures were taken with a flash and light indoors, that is why they look different.


Mark said...

I'm interested in the Civil War but the Black & Tan stuff is too close to my family for me to be able to enjoy it as a game.


Sapper Joe said...

I understand, Mark. I know some others that have issues with other periods or armies. I personally can't play SS troops in WWII games, but I am ok playing against a SS force, depending on the other players, but can be turned off very fast if they start talking too highly of them. I normally don't play non-SS Germans in WWII as well, but I am willing to do it for keep sides balance or for newbies/kids to play the Allies. I am good with it, just that I prefer the Allies in that case. Oddly, I have no problem playing the other Axis forces and tend to play them more often than Allies in those games (especially the Japanese!)

I also have an issue with playing CSA (except the Missouri State Guard or in battles in the Trans-Mississippi front...go figure), and Americans or Texans for the Texas Rebellion and the Mexican-American War.