Sunday, July 11, 2010

Metcalfe buildings and OO scale vehicles

As promised, some pictures of Metcalfe Model's OO scale cardboard buildings compared to 20mm Hotspurs miniatures and some 1/76 scale UK model diecast cars and trucks. I really like the Metcalfe Models and find them to be a complete treat to work with. They are mostly complete, but I need to add a few minor details, like chimney pots.

Above is bottom and top shot of the Manor Farm's barn. It is the only model that has a removable roof to my knowledge. But what it does show is all of the additional support & bracing that these models have to maintain their structure unlike most paper models.

Below are pictures of the two structures that come in the Manor Farm Barn set, a barn & tractor shed. Also in the picture are a BW Model Hummer Pig, some 20mm Hotspur / Stonewall miniatures, and 1/76 scale diecast vehicles from the UK. As you can see, everything fits to scale. Also a nice touch to the Manor Farm sets is that all of them are based off real buildings that the owner of Metcalfe Models, Nick Metcalfe, grew up around as a child.

Below to the left is the Manor Farm House set, which has the Manor house and a worker's cottage. To the right is the Manor Farm Buildings set, which has a silo pit, a modern barn, a small hen house, and a large hen house.

Next is a front and side view of the Coaching Inn kit.

Finally is the Village School set, which includes the school and outbuilding for toilets and storage. This kit is also based on Nick Metcalfe's childhood school.

Finally, a picture that has some foreshadowing meaning...hmmm....(side note, after taking this picture, I accidentally broke the front landing gear and lost the wheels...sigh...I am going to have to make some crappy replacements now.)

Until later...


Mark said...

Nice pics Joe. Really coming together.

The pics have been helpful. Just managed to pick up some Hornby Home Farm bits on Ebay, I think the Metcalfe farm house will fit very nicely with them.

I'm glad you included the pic of the BW Humber Pig - gives a good idea of it;s size, I'm going to order one from BW Models together with a an armoured L/Rover series 3 VPK.


Anonymous said...

Nice work! You should post on AA or fire off a e-mail to let the rest see what you're working on.
Is the pig black or dark blue - can't tell by the pic.

Sapper Joe said...

Combat Colours:

I did put it up on the AA forum under the Terrain section. I just never got around to shooting an email off yet to the St. Louis boys.

The "Pig" is Dark Bronze Green.



Anonymous said...

So this is the terrain for your Northern Ireland games? I don't know whether to play the IRA or Unionists or the Royal Army in your next FoF game. If I'm running 28-mm modern Afghanistan scenarios with US Marines and Taliban, I should have no problem gaming The Troubles in 20-mm.


Sapper Joe said...


This is but just the tip of the iceberg! This is pretty much everything for the rural games for buildings. Next comes roads, fields, animals, etc. I still have to buy and build the streets of Belfast!...Lots and lots of buildings and more cars. ;)

Basically the game coming up will be Provos vs the British Army (there is no Royal Army…only Royal Regiments!) The Unionist were not very active at all in the rural areas…but in the urban games, they might raise their ugly head too. But I need to find an OO scale marching band to properly do that as well. ;)

That is until the Rage Virus hits 28 days later…8P