Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Are Coming Father Abraham

Well, since my last posting, I refigured out what I will need for figures from Blue Moon.  So now, I will not have four RGTs of 880 men (22 stands), but 10 small RGTs of 9 stands or 12 stands (360 or 480 men for RF&F.)  But combining the small RGTs, minus a few stands, I can field three 760 man and two 840 man RGTs for the generic Union troops. With the Zouaves and Wisconsin RGTs, I will be able to field either one 800 man RGT or two smaller RGTs with 440 & 480 men each.  All I will have left will be four spare generic Union troops, one spare Zouave and two Wisconsin figures.  Excellent!

So with these recalculations, I made my order to Blue Moon for the first half of my Union force.  But I will still need artillery and cavalry figures.  Any of the unique RGTs with specialized uniforms, I will have to look into for the future.  Also, if I want to do a bunch of different RGTs for flags, I can pick up a pack of officers & a couple packs of standard bearers and that will get me another 10 stands to for different RGT’L flags!

Now, I should have enough to do all of the bigger battles that I want to do using a 1:100/1:125/1:200/1:250 ratio for TCHAE or F&F with all of the above for the infantry RGTs. But like above, I will need to order artillery and cavalry.

Now, all I need is to get the catalog and address for a guy that Steve H. knows that does the flag research and makes 15mm paper flags.  I plan to help him do some research on the flags for the Missouri and other Trans-Mississippi RGTs, since that is one of my interests and one of the main key things that I always get photographs at any museum that I visit.

The next blog entry should be about my trip to the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek with some pictures of the reenactment.  After that, I plan to get an entry on the following things (but not necessary in this order):  A review of my current book that I reading, “Nine Battles to Stanley” by van der Bijl on the Falklands Conflict; A review of a painting service that I used to paint up a bunch of 20mm figures for the Falklands with pictures;  A generic scenario for the shoot-out with the police with Bonnie & Clyde at the Red Crown Travel Court in Platte City, MO, 1933; and finally, an ‘Order of Battle’ for the Battle of Carthage, MO, July 5, 1861, with notes.

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