Friday, February 24, 2012

C'est le Congo

Many, many moons ago, I started doing 15mm post-WWII African conflicts.  Some of those figures are among the first ones on this blog.  Less than ten years ago, I boxed up that project and moved on to others, as with my normal cycle of interests.  Once again, that loop is almost complete.  My interest in the African conflicts, specifically the 1960's Congo civil war has been sparked up again by my current readings. 

Thanks to the easy of my Kindle Fire, I have purchased several books on the Congo conflict, specifically about the Irish UN troops.  I am also thinking about re-reading my Mike Hoare books. 

Yes, I have started and stop so many projects before, but I think I am going start this project up again as soon as I finish up the bulk of my 10mm Vietnam project which will be pushed to the front along with the 20mm Falklands.  I am going to miss the 30th for the Falklands in April/May other than maybe a few more games without the proper terrain.  I am going to push for a proper game in the Fall at Recruits in Kansas City as well as a 10mm Nam game.
  The following year, I would like to be running a 15mm Congo game and secret project, “Project R”.

I am also going to try to spend some time over the weekend and update my links and blogs sections and possible get a couple more blog entries up.

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