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20mm Anarchy in the UK project

I have spoken of this project before, but I am just going touch on it again.  This is a project heavily inspired by the “Winter of ‘79” blog, as well as my interest in “The Troubles” of Northern Ireland and media like V for Vendetta” (link), “A Very British Coup” (link), and “Lightforce” (link). Plus it gives me another use to use my Falklands British troops and all of the Hotspur’s Urban Operations line figures that bought back in the ‘80’s.  I am not going to create a detailed background of why the Anarchy broke out, other than it just does.  The background will change as I need it to for the scenario.  Most of the scenarios will be involving a section (8-10 men) or two against a similar size force.  But there will be some larger games, mainly riots & sole-sucking space vampires and their victims, which looks oddly like zombies miniatures.

Again, I had commission to have these figures painted by Northumbrian Painting Services.

The picture below is what I am calling the “Home Defence.”  This is mostly local and non-military force that will stand up to whatever the threat maybe.  While my figures are very heavily armed in the picture, that is because these figures will be mix and matched with the other groups below to create a more rag-tag image of an irregular force and not as a grouping as shown in the picture. 

As I see things for my Anarchy games, the Home Defence will be a motley crew that only assembles for combat when action is imminent and not capable for any lengthy battle.  Their overall quality will normally be poor, but morale could be very high especially if defending their homes from a much hated enemy.

In this pictures are eight Liberation miniatures (3x Sterling SMG, 2x GPMG from the UKMELTSUP pack, 2x Milkor grenade launchers from the UBR11 pack, and 1x M16 rifleman from the UBRM16 pack) and two Hotspur miniatures.  They are wearing mostly civilian clothing with some old bits of Battle Dress uniforms.  I need to find some more figures will more "civilian" weaponry that would probably be more realistic for what they would have been armed with, like shotguns, target rifles, and left over WWII weapons. 

This next picture is what I am calling the “Militia”.  The Militia is better equipped with military clothing and kit then the Home Defence blokes, but not as good as the standing military elements.  If you will notice, there are no support weapons in the picture.  That is because I will be mixing some of the Home Defence figures with this group during the games.

The idea behind these guys for my games will be that they are a large group of willing civilian volunteers, beefed up with recent ex-service members or a few Territorial’s & Regulars that came out and join whatever militia organization that they represent.  While they are better equipped, but still suffer shortages and a lack of a decent logistical supply chain.  They are capable of fighting lengthy battles and even campaign for short term operations, but can’t operate too far from supply bases and always lacking heavy support weapons (AT missiles, tanks, air support, etc.)

All of the figures are from the Liberation’s Australian SAS in Vietnam pack.

Next up is what I am calling “Terrorists / Freedom Fighters”.   One can argue when is a Terrorist, a Freedom Fighter, and vice versa, but I am not going to go there.  They could also be undercover SAS operatives operating behind the rebel Bedford’s Communists Militia lines.  These guys are a mixed bag of equipped individuals.  But the one thing that almost all of them have in common is their Balaclavas keep their identity a mystery so that after their raid / assassination operation, they can blend back into the local population and hid among them.

All of the figures are from Liberation, but are made up from several different packs: URBAK, URBBARR; URB14, BALAK, and BALRPK

Now, to face up with that last group is our Boys from Hereford.  You don’t have to worry about these blokes not knowing the colour of the boathouse!  These figures are Hotspurs and are geared up for Operation Nimrod, or as it is better known the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980.  There are five poses and four doubles.  Four poses are armed with H&K MP5’s, but one of them has it slung over his shoulder and using his pistol instead.  The fifth pose is the SAS operator that was stationed on the ground outside of the Embassy and was coordinate everything with the Police while manning a radio.  The only thing that I did not like of these figures is that the radio operator has a drawn pistol, but I understand that it is for dramatic reasons. 

What is also nice about this is that Card Models by Tony (link) has a 20mm paper model of Embassy building that is designed to be similar to the Iranian Embassy from 1980.  Both of these pictures are from his website.  I still have to assemble my Embassy.

The next couple of pictures are of a pre-painted OO scale Railroad building set from Hornsby, the Water Purification Plant.  There are the three separate kits that make the plant:  the station house, the chlorine tank farm, and the water treatment tank.  Needless to say, having a source to potable water is very important and that can need to some interesting scenarios.  As you can see in the second picture, things will not be going good for the government player for leaving a single unarmed constable to guard the this water purification plant.

Finally, I want to add the following picture of some non-painted figures, but give everyone a notice of what is going to get worked on next.  The following are 20mm UK soldiers in riot gear for the 1970’s or early 80’s.  They are from Eureka Miniatures and have to be specially requested as they are not listed in any of their catalogs or website.  Nic with Eureka was great to deal with for them.  There is only the single pose available.  The figure is armed with a baton and the opposite arm is done so a shield can be cut out of plastic and attached.  The figure is wearing a respirator and the M1944 helmet.  When they are done, they will look great staring down civilian rioters or zombies.

Well, the next blog entry will be over the additional Falklands figures that I had painted up.

Until then,

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