Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some interesting links to WWII documents for the serious researcher

I thought that these three links might be of interest to some.

The first two are about my grandfather's division from WWII, the US 90th Infantry.
The 90th Infantry Divison's monument at Utah Beach, Normandy
The first link is has PDF's for the reprints of various sub-units' and attached units histories rewritten at the end of the war:

The next link is many PDF's and some scans of actual General Orders, AAR's, and Corps documents mostly from June 6th to the end of the war. Also it appears that alot of the 1942-pre-D-Day General Orders are available too.

The last link is to a site that has some interesting articles about WWII written after the war, including a copy of the US War Department's "Handbook on the German Military Forces" and an article of examples of tanks used in night combat in Europe, as well as one about artillery practices of the major combatants.

Hopes this is useful for some.


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