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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sad news for space exploration

I just saw in the news today that former Mercury astronaut, Scott Carpenter pasted away on Oct. 10th of this year. 
I was born after the Apollo 11’s moon landing, but as a kid I had a sort of an amazement of the space program.  I have visited several of the NASA locations (Kennedy Space Center in FL, Johnson Space Center in TX, Marshall Space Center in AL, and White Sands in NM), plus witnessed one shuttle launch from about 70 miles away and drank more than my fair share of Tang as kid.  Also my home city is tied in the designing and building of the Mercury capsules.  Somewhere in my mid to late teens my interest in space waned a lot, but I always had a lot of respect for the astronauts.  I still enjoy going to see a NASA site or a space museum if I am near one, even if I really don’t make anymore attempts to keep up on the going-on’s of space, except for a peaked interest in SpaceShipOne when it finally made its first two flights into space.  So it sorts of bummed me out that somehow I failed to hear of Scott Carpenter’s passing away.  All that is left of the Mercury 7 is John Glenn.  

Scott Carpenter

Carpenter’s Mercury capsule ‘Aurora 7’ at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

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