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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Double Feature Atomic Era Monster Movies!

I have always loved the Atomic era monster movies (1950's-60's).  It could be cheesy or not, I loved them the same.  While searching YouTube (when I should be working on my basement), I found that a whole bunch of old movies are available on there.  I believe that most of these are now free by public domain as their copyrights expired.  If I am wrong, let me know.  Anyways, because of the sizes of the video clip, I can't upload the movies to my blog, so I am leaving the link and a clip to a trailer for the movies.

First up is 'The Giant Claw'.  This is a 1957 classic! See the full movie here.

Below is a trailer for the movie.
For the double feature, I give a 1953 classic, "Robot Monster".  See the full movie here.

Below is the trailer for the movie.  Oh, if this movie gives you ideas for gaming, Khurasan has some 15mm not-Robot Monsters in his catalog.

Keep watching the skies!!!!


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