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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update - February

Well, I have been busy with work mainly and have not been keeping up with things.  This entry basically an update for where I am at and what have I done.

On my reading goal, I am just over half way through "War of the White Death", but I have not been reading for the last week and a half.  I am hoping to get some reading in over the weekend.

Kickstarters / Indiegogo projects:  Currently I am support a few that I would like to mention here:

Machinas - Death Races in the Wasteland:  This is an Indiegogo project by Two Hour Wargames.  It looks interesting as it designed to be played in sort of minimalistic manner for space required.  While it is more in line of Death Race 2000, for weapons, I am hoping to use it more in line of chase scenes from Mad Max and The Road Warrior using 1/64th cars, as well as the opening scene from Quantum of Solace using 1/43rd or 1/72nd scale cars.  There is about two weeks left on it, so give it a look.

Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series: This is Kickstarter project to do a live action show based off of the long running comic based around a group of role-players.  While this is not miniature wargaming related, I am also a RPG'er and find the stories quite funny.  Matter of fact, I still remember buy issues #1 & #2 at gaming store where I went to college in 1996!  I have been reading it ever since.  So you could say that I am one of the longest running fans.  This Kickstarter has made it to its goal to do a 60 minute movie, but still needs more funding to become a series.  There is less then two days left.

Ravenfell 28mm Fantasy Village: This is a Kickstarter by Fat Dragon Games to put out a lovely 28mm paper terrain village that can be disassembled and stored flat.  Well it is designed for fantasy gaming, it has a lovely Tudor style to it and can be used for historical gaming as well.  Since it will be pdf files, you can easily scale the printing and use it for 15mm or 20mm too!  There is about two weeks left.  If they can raise another $15K, they will be releasing a Viking village as well! (As well as tying into my Whimsical Wednesday too!)

For gaming purchases, I ordered TFL's Chain of Command: At The Sharp End campaign supplement, but have not had a chance to read it yet.  I also ordered some 20mm vehicles from Oxford Diecast and B.W. Models, but have not received them yet either. 

Finally, I broke down and bought into another 28mm project...sigh!  I pre-ordered the North Star / Osprey's, A Fistful of Kung-Fu miniature rules & miniatures, including the limited edition not Kirk Russell in a John Carpenter's movie.  I am planning to go more in the line of John Woo movies like A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, and Hard Boiled with the project.  I am also hoping that with a minor tweak or two, this would also work for James Bond or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, or RocknRolla style movie games.

Oh!  If all goes well, I will be doing my first game of the year on 2/22...20mm Falklands using TFL's Chain of Command.

For a moment of Zen, here is the trailer for Hard Boiled:


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Simon Quinton said...

For bond games have you tried 7TV with the action engine it has gadgets and all the things you need to build the characters.