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Monday, April 21, 2014

Really, I do play miniature games (! or ?)

Sorry about really having nothing interesting to talk about for my hobby.  Really, sometimes I don’t even know if I do game or I just buy miniatures and rules to store in my basement.  Sigh…

I did go to a miniature game last weekend (4/12) at the Big Muddy Games Day at Wargamer’s Cave in Granite City, IL.  There were three WWII armor games in two different sessions.  I played in Steve H's FoW 1941 East Front one as the Germans.  I was doing a great job hitting the Russian tanks, under Pat L., but either he rolled really well on his armor saves, or I rolled really bad on my firepower, but either way, I only forced the Russians to bail out of their tanks a lot and very few burned.  The Russians having such a high morale, got back in their tanks in short order.  The game end with an easy victory for the Russians (I lost 3 of my 4 platoons and I think I only killed 10-15% of the Russians).  I forgot my camera, so no pictures.


I am taking a week off to get a trash disposal company to get rid of a bunch of junk in my basement and garage.  This is part of my New Year’s goals and sort ties in with my gaming as it will free up some of my gaming area so I can possibly start running games again at my house (finally).

Last Saturday, 4/19, both Steve H & I went to the Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO (link). While it is no where near the size of the collection at the General Sweeny's Museum at Wilson's Creek, it is very nice museum with a nice collection and display.  It is well worth seeing if you are in the St Louis area and interested in the Civil War.


If you are in the St. Louis area, on April 23rd, the St. Louis Civil War Roundtable (link) is having a meeting where the guest speaker will be James Erwin, the author of Guerrillas in Civil War Missouri and Guerrilla Hunters in Civil War Missouri (link to Amazon).   I plan to attend as I am very interested in the Civil War history of Missouri.  I will admit that I still have not read his books, but I have both of them in Kindle forms.  I might start reading Erwin’s books as I am sort of in the mood to read Civil War books again and I specifically want to start reading up on Price’s ’64 raid as it is the 150th anniversary of the raid…plus it has some of the best battles:  Fort Davidson (Pilot Knob) & the march to Leasburg (a truly amazing story of a Union victory), Westport (the Gettysburg of the West), & Mine Creek (the largest mounted battle of the war).  


As for other things, I am slowly prodding through my “junk” miniatures to start cataloging stuff to try selling again.  I need to step on it as I really need to clean house.  I got a bunch of books to go too, but still have to get them typed up in a list. 


I have been working on making labels for my stands for easy identification of what stand is to be (i.e., 1st Sqd, 1st Plt; or General Belgrano C-4).  I am trying to think of a good color code for marking my individual skirmishers for their weapon types for Chain of Command, since sometimes it is hard to make them out on the table, even if they are 20mm figures.   Once I have decided, I will start marking bases for my Falklands figures first. 


Oh, I got my first batch of Baker Company’s 28mm Winter War figures and tanks.  I have not had much time to look through them individually yet, but they look nice.  I thought that I had ordered some bases for them already, but I have not, so I will be doing that soon.  I plan to use 25mm circles and use the Litko mass / mob bases to place them on for teams / squads for speed of play and knowing what figures belong to what groups.

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Pete. said...

Nothing wrong with being a collector imo. If you don't need to sell them for the cash and you've got space to store them I say hang on to them as they don't cost anything to keep and they don't have a use by date.

I like to have a rummage and find something that I'd forgotten about and remember the (usually half baked) idea that I had before I got them- I find it is a nice kick of (re)inspiration.