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Friday, July 4, 2014

A little odd gem of history

First off, thank you to everyone for the kind words about my sick relative.  Unfortunately, it is worst than what we thought before and it is going to be rough for a while.  

Anyways, while I was at the hospital today,
I was reading a bit from my current book, Price's Lost Campaign, and I saw this little odd gem of history that I wanted to post when I got back home after the visiting hours was over.

If you are not aware about the history of Missouri during the Civil War, at the beginning of the war, loyal Unionists rallied to create local militias and were referred to as the Home Guard.  In Gasconade County, probably the most ardent Unionists stronghold in Missouri during the war, ten companies of Home Guard was raised by a Captain Charles C. Manwaring.  Now, for those who are not familiar with why I found this humorous, there was a British comedy series called, Dad's Army.  The show is about a British Home Guard unit during WW2 under the command of a Captain Mainwaring!  The oddity of this doesn't stop there either.  In Dad's Army, Capt Mainwaring is preparing his Home Guard to beat back an invading German army, whereas Capt Manwaring of the Missouri Home Guard were mostly Germans trying beat back an invading Southern army!  Unfortunately, that is were the humor stops as Manwaring was eventually elected a representative to the Missouri General Assembly, but in the spring of 1864, he accompanied a force of troops to arrest some rebels and was killed in the action.

Thanks again for the kind words,


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