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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Update - Wild West outlaws that became movie stars

From Midlist Writer: Al Jennings in The Lady of the Dugout (1918)
This is just a minor update to my previous post ten days ago about two Wild West bank robbers that became Hollywood movie stars (direct link).  One of the blogs that I follow, Midlist Writer, which belongs to a great writer, Sean McLachlan (Amazon link) (I have several of his books), just put up a blog entry on another Wild West bank robber that became a Hollywood movie star, Al Jennings (direct link.)  I was not aware of him before this.  In this blog entry, he also has a link to another blog entry of his on a different blog, Black Gate.  It is a worth while read as well (direct link) as I also discovered that Jesse James, Jr., Jesse James' only son, was also a movie star.  I knew about that he also tried out his dad's occupation of train robbery, but did not know about his Hollywood career.




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