Sunday, April 5, 2015

Take My Money! 28mm Guerrilla War & 54mm Gangsters

This will be a short entry as I am typing up something for part three on the Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri.  As you can see over to the right, I finished the first volume and now in to the second volume.  
So why the title for this entry?  Well, I have spent too much money today.  First, I made an order to Company D for some miniatures of the Missouri State Militia & southern guerrillas in 28mm since he has just now released the command and horse holders for both forces.  Yes, I am getting into another gaming period...and in 28mm to boot (that should make Don & Blake happy.)  I exchange some emails with Phil Murphy, the owner of Company D, and he told me that he will be expanding his line for the 28mm Civil War in Missouri line.  Miniatures coming up will include Federal foot troops in the Western Theater look first, and following that, will be Native Americans troops on horse and foot (hopefully not in 'Hollywood' style),  Jayhawkers, Redlegs, and Enrolled Missouri Militia, which can also double for guerrillas, or even triple for the Kansas militias during the 1864 Price's Raid.

But also, I pre-ordered a few painted 54mm figures from Black Hawk Toy Soldiers.  Why, oh why, did they have to release these figures?  I think you can figure out the two figures that I ordered along with a certain 1932 Ford V-8, (even though it is missing the interesting hood ornament), especially if you have been reading my blog entries of old.  Unfortunately, there is no certain retired Texas Ranger figure to go with the figures that I ordered. OK, first a hint of which figures I order:
The same car that the Black Hawk toy car is designed on
Now here are the pictures of the new figures:

Yeah, there is no fooling you are a few pictures of the car and outlaws that I ordered:
A 1932 Ford V-8 B-400 that was stolen from Robert F. Rosborough of Marshall, Texas.  The thief is standing in front of the car.
A failed actress, gun moll posing at the grill of Rosborogh's stolen vehicle.
A couple of mad dog, small timers in love in front of Rosborgh's stole car.


Pete. said...

Those 54mm are lovely- always too nice to game with.



Blake Wood Walker said...

Joe, Joe, Joe. LOL. Hope your projects get painted soon.


Sapper Joe said...

Blake & Pete...

Oh no, no, no! Those 54mm are not to play with! Those are for display on my book case along with my several books on Bonnie & Clyde, even if all three items are incorrect in some detail or another (The car is missing the fancy hood ornament, Bonnie's skirt is too short, and Clyde should be without a hat...and possible should have a cut down BAR.)


FlyXwire said...

Joe, I've adapted the Muskets & Tomahawks rules to the ACW period, with an individual stand (a figure) being the 4-man element known as the "Comrades in Battle". Commanded units will be platoons and companies, and the scope of scenarios will involve advanced guard skirmishing actions, and irregular-type encounters. Are you thinking of using Brother Against Brother or M&T - modified perhaps for you ACW Guerrilla War games?