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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A little something of eye candy (picture heavy)

Before the eye candy, a brief discussion: 

Today I got my batch of miniatures that I sent to be painted by Fernando Enterprises Miniature Painting Services (link) in Sri Lanka.  I am quite happy with their services and plan to use them again...matter of fact, I am sending out another batch probably at the end of this week!

This is actually the second batch of miniatures that I sent.  The first batch was a small sampling of 15mm figures for post-WW2 African conflicts as I have a lot of those figures from Peter Pig's AK-47 Republic line.  They were quite nice and the price difference between 15mm Collector and Showcase quality is not that great of difference in my mind.  So this batch was all 15mm figures for a sorted variety of small skirmish games that I like to do.  Unfortunately, I didn't have all of the figures to do any one project complete, so I will eventually have to send more figures later to finish them.

The turn around time was very good in my mind.  I mailed off the figures from the Mid-West USA about the end of July and they should had received it in the first part of August.  It just almost the end of October and I got them back for less than a three month turn around time for about 150 15mm.  That is better than what I could even image doing back when I did paint, plus I think that overall they are better than what I was ever able to do in 15mm.  Now, I will admit that I did not get them based or flocked by them.  I really was thinking of mounting the figures on clear round discs, but since then, I decided that I will base them on penny and flock them so that I can add a flexible steel sheet on the coin and mount them in a box with magnetic sheet to help prevent them from accidentally being bumped and bouncing all around in a storage box. 

My next batch is an example of how I am planning to do future business with them.  I plan to send enough figures for both side of a specific project so that when it comes back I should be able to jump into gaming that project (borrowing the terrain!)  Some of my projects might actually need two batches, but since I am looking at getting away from "big" battles down to platoon size or small skirmishes, this should not be too often.  Even with the "big" battles, I am don't plan to get much over 100 figures per side.  So just a quick note on what my next batch is, will be just about everything for gaming the Allied Intervention into Northern Russian, 1918-1919 at a skirmish level.  Basically, I will have a US infantry platoon plus a MG team and a 75mm gun, a Canadian infantry platoon plus a MG team and a 18 pdr gun, two Red infantry platoons plus two MG teams and some company level command.  The only thing that I will probably add on to this (and will have to be a future batch to be painted) will be a Mark IV Male tank for the Allies, an armored car for the Reds, and a platoon of White Russians with a MG team in support.  I plan to use TooFatLardies Chain of Command for the rules and the winter terrain that I had been slowly picking up.  A bonus addition to this is that I can use the US infantry platoon to fight the Canadian infantry platoon in a fictional War Plan Red scenario if I want to.

Be seeing you


Now the eye candy:
All that is missing is the rope for these hitmen while climbing through the air ducts
The boys in blue
Leonard and Bubba, plus some kin looking for sum-tin good eatin'
I heard of the right to bear arms, but two armed deers?
Daisy May finds that flies are attracted to sweet things! (the two dead flies are actually supposed to be mounted on flying stands)
You are what they eat, Daisy May!
Close kin to Leonard and Bubba
"Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors."
"Where is Annette Funicello?  This party beach is lame!"
US astronauts' exploration team (the guys laying down are suppose to be mounted on flying bases)
Soviet Cosmonauts
...and more US astronauts!
"Back off, Khrushchev!  This moon is ours."
Yeah, armed astronauts and cosmonauts together...this is going to get ugly soon
"Is Alice going on a date with Ro-Man?"
"Thank goodness that they are not purple with a horn in their heads!"
Huey, Dewey, and...Wall-E?
"This is a laser rifle.  Why do you ask, Dewey?"
“What can it be; what’s the reason?
Is this the end to all the seasons?
Is this something in your head?
Would you believe it when you’re dead?
You’ll believe it when you find
something screaming across your mind slime!"
Some armed scientists in Antarctica
"Crap!, I don't think I have fuel in the flamethower."
"Something went wrong at Outpost 31.  The last transmission was something about an alien life form found in the ice."
The Thing watched on as Childs and MacReady tried to persuaded the Navy SEALS to conduct the countermeasures for the Hoof and Mouth Disease.
Across the plains, another mysterious armed team watches the Navy SEALS interact with the survivors of Outpost 31


Pete. said...

They look great. Once you've got the projects complete you'll be able to game for years with them. I particularly taken with the Astronaunts.



Borja Pino Jambrina said...

Cool!!! Sorry but... Which is the mark of the armed astronauts and cosmonauts?

Sapper Joe said...

Hello, the figures are from Ground Zero Games and are found in several packages on this webpage below. The survey team is towards the top of the page and the rest of space suit figures are at the bottom.

Also, they have since released a Moongrunt line which are more combat types and vehicles for the moon and are very nice looking too. I have several of the sets, but have not got them painted or up on my blog.