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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Miniature game January WW1 Africa

Well, I am finally posting up pics and a brief AAR on another The Sword & The Flame's Dark Africa WW1 game from January of this year.  I just been lazy in getting around to typing up a report.  The game was held at Blake's house using his miniatures and terrain, plus him running the game.  Glenn was the cannibalistic Belgian evil-doers, while I run the peaceful and innocent Germans who were just enjoying their day in the sun relaxing and minding their on business.  

In the game, I played defensively and forced the evil Belgians to attack me using terrain to our advantage.  Glenn made good use of the terrain, but eventually the German Mauser rifles provided to be too accurate for the mean-hearted Belgians to win.  But the heartless Belgians did rout one of my two Askari units before the game ended.  

Below are some pictures from the game.


Pete. said...

Great pictures Sapper- looks like it was fun.



Sapper Joe said...


It is always a fun game with the right people!