Thursday, March 6, 2008

28mm Gangs of New York

All right, I will put up some pictures...please forgive the pictures, see my previous post about my camera problems. These pictures do the miniatures absolutely no justice.

This is from my 28mm Gangs of New York project. I read several of the Herbert Asbury's "Gangs of" books before the movie was released in 2001. And since then, I have read all of Herbert Asbury's books and have read several more books on the Gangs and Riots of old New York. Excellent stuff!!!

The gangsters in the first three pictures were painted up by Combat Colours for me. They are a mix of West Wind's Gothic Horror line and Eureka's Victorian's Thugs. They are mostly painted in a nautical theme to represent the "Day Break Boys".
The following three pictures of my handy work at a paint brush. The first two pictures are of figures for the Municipal Police for New York City. They are from Bobby Jackson's B'hoys! line from The Virtual Armchair General.
This last picture has an interesting figure on the right, but I will come to that soon. The first figure is from Foundry's Darkest Africa line and is also for the "Day Break Boys." The middle figure is a fireman from Brigade Games' Victorian line. He is painted up to represent Engine No. 33, "The Black Joke", of the New York City's Volunteer Fire Companies. The third figure is from Foundry's Wild West line after some conversion to the head gear. The figure represents a "Bald Knobber" vigilante from south west Missouri, specifically from a mask from Christian County.

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