Thursday, March 13, 2008

28mm Victorians

The following is my Victorians or figures that I am using for Victorians. Everything was painted by Combat Colours, except for the three religious figures in the fourth picture. They were painted by me. I will comment between each set of pictures for the manufacturer.
All five of these are from Foundry and were special editions.
Yes, I know that the first three are actually for fantasy, but they are useful for being workers at the "Ten Bells" Pub. They are all from Reaper Miniatures. The next three are from Foundry and these are the ones that I painted.
The "Teddy" like figure is from Foundry and the Ned Kelly on a penny farthing bicycle is from Eureka Miniatures.
"Will the real 'Jack the Ripper' please step forward?"
I can't remember who made the first figure, but I think it was Ral Partha. The 2nd Jack is from West Wind. The news crier is from Foundry. Both the 3rd Jack and the 'Lizzie Borden' are from Grenadier.

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