Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Evacuation of Vietnam...from this blog!

What happen to all of the 10mm Vietnam blog entries?!?!? Well, I am moving all of my 10mm Vietnam blog entries from this blog to a website that I set up for my Vietnam projects, called Sapper Joe's Vietnam Wargames. 

The reason for this is mainly that I wanted to do away of my insane ramblings of how my project is progressing and now start storing everything in a more traditional sense of a website with a more organized format, plus to free up some memory by deleted pictures that show WIP, when I have completed one of the same model. The website is still under construction, but pretty much the format that I want. I will still use this blog to show any new work for the Vietnam project and also for any AAR's. 

Also, you will notice some other changes on this blog. One, the new "hot links tabs" underneath the big picture at the top. Click on these and it will take you to a separate page with something about that gaming project. They are still WIP.

Second, you might notice that I removed a lot of the "tags" for the different posts. I decided to remove a lot of them to reduced the size of the "tag" bar in the left hand column and just to make it less confusing with all of the different options.

Next, you will notice that the sidebar on the right hand side is gone. As I created a "hot link tab" for links & other blogs. So I was able to delete that one column. I will update these links make them a little more specific to which projects that I am using them. Also I moved my "Followers" to the top as well.

Finally, you will see two new gadgets with links. The first at the top of my blog entries is "My Shelfari Bookshelf" which allows you to see what kind of books that I have or read. I have not figured out how to separate them by topic yet. At the bottom of the site is a music player of clips of sounds written by someone after see Antarctica on a tour. I guess since I have also had a moving experience on my tour, that I decided to add it to my blog. It will not start automatically and to hear it, you have to start it yourself.



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