Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a little urban renewal project

Below are some pictures of my 20mm urban residential board for my UK troubles games: Ireland (1920's and 1960's+), 2nd English Civil (1970's-80's), Cold War Hot (Red Dawn 1970's-80's), Operation Sealion & Case Green (German invasion in WWII of UK & Ireland), A Very British Civil War (1930's), Sweeneys & Blaggers (Cops & Robbers 1970's), and Zombies....yes, I plan to make the most out of this project! Also, if anyone can point me towards some 20mm Daleks and Cybermen, that would be great.

The board is 3'x2' in size, so it would be for very small actions and the rare platoon action. I will be also later be working on a same size board which will be an industrial area, including a brewery for the Irish to fight over who will be in control of it.

Since taking these pictures, I have redone several things so the roads, specifically the back alley, are now narrower then what is shown in the pictures. Remember, to click on the picture for a bigger version of it.

Now some pictures with various vehicles and figures to give it more life.


Anonymous said...

Delicious stuff!

Ronan said...

Fabulous, Joe. Just one thing - those yellow cross lattices on the road junctions were'nt around as early as the 70s. In fact they are only really common since the Millenium. But other than that, you've got a great set-up for gaming anything British or Irish from the First World War onwards.

Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, 6milphil!

Sapper Joe said...



Thanks for the information! I can pull up that section fairly easy, so no problem there.



Ronan said...

Good to see the Black Watch there, with their Red Hackles. Sadly amalgamated now, but one of the all-time great British regiments. My Scottish infantry in VBCW are Black Watch as well.

Sapper Joe said...

Hello, Ronan!

Thanks for the remarks, however they are for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. I know that the above pictures are not the best, but they have on the blue army berets with the red and white hackle.

Here is a better pic of them: