Friday, December 9, 2011

Upcoming blog entries!

Well, I will hopefully have some time to type up a couple of AAR's for a few games that I got in lately soon.  I got to go to MILLENNIUMCON 14, in the Austin, TX, area back in the middle of November and got into two games.  I just never got round to typing anything up due to work and not being in the best of moods.  This Sunday, I will be trying out a game of "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! III", as we will be giving the new rules a stab and seeing how things go.  I probably will not get that AAR up for another week or two after Sunday. 
So, what has been going on in my life?  Well, I have been setting everything in my personal life aside for work...especially the current project that I am working on.  It is draining my time, energy, and mojo to really carry on.  I have tried to work on my 15mm ACW figures, but with the exception of working all day on Thanksgiving on them, I have done nothing to accomplish anything miniature wise.  I really only find time to read and have finished off several books since my last on-line book review.  I really don't even have time to type up those any more!  I finished several books on the Battle of Wilson's Creek, 1861, and currently reading books on the Falkland's War, 1982. 

I have found many good stuff to add to my ever growing 20mm "Anarchy in the UK" project and the Falklands, but just don't have to time to put everything together.  I really need to push more to do this and get it going. 

Also, I  am really trying to suppress my inner "bomb thrower" personality (you guys that know me, know exactly what I mean!), but I am finding it harder and harder as I find some modern looking rioters in 28mm to lead into fighting against "The Man."  I might start looking at picking up on some riot games in the future (darn that Offensive Miniatures for making their miniatures too beautiful! Link)  I can't afford to get into another project! 

Anyways,  I am going to start working on my MILLENNIUMCON 14 AAR blog entry.  Hopefully, I will get it done sometime this weekend.

Cheers...and crush the Establishment (stupid rioters miniatures...must have them.)


Itinerant said...

What ruleset are you going to use for your acw minis?

Sapper Joe said...


Sorry that I had not gotten around to answering. I am planning to use two different rules for different scales of actions:

RGT'L Fire & Fury for smaller battles (1 stand = 40 men)


Too Fat Lardies' "They Couldn't Hit An Elephant" for larger battles (1 stand = 100 or 200 men)

I'm also thinking about mounting some figures individually to do smaller engagements or skirmishes (100 figures or less per side) using Too Fat Lardies' "Terrible Sharpe Sword". But that will be a ways off if I go that route and it will be 15mm for cost, storage, and my terrain will work for all systems.