Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Battlefield is this? Quiz #1 (part 1)

Anyone care to take a guess where this picture is from?

I took this photo from a battlefield park in the US a little over three years ago.  Can you name the battle and the what position I was standing at and looking towards?

Here are two hints:  There was a song written about this battle and the writer probably fought very close to where this picture was taken.  The commanding officer of this song writer's regiment that fought in this battle is photographed below.

The answer will be along shortly.




Tsold9000 said...

Gettysburg? The orchard? was it peach? my ACW history is a little rusty.

Sapper Joe said...

No to Gettysburg.

But the picture is of an orchard that was center of a very bloody ACW fight.


Anonymous said...

Johnny Appleseed's last stand? :p

Anonymous said...

Johnny Applesed's last stand? :p

Sapper Joe said...

Silly rabbit!

But it is an apple orchard.