Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Battlefield is this? Quiz #1 (part 2)

Well, we still don't have a winner, but we did confirm that this is an American Civil War battlefield and the first picture from yesterday is an apple orchard were a deadly assault was  made.  So in this entry, I am going to provide some additional hints.

The orchard in yesterday's entry was the left (western) flank of the Union's assault.  The picture below is of right (eastern) flank of the Union assault.  I was standing where the Confederates were located looking towards the Union forces which started off in the tree line in the distance.  The cannon in the photograph marks roughly where a Confederate battery was located in the battle and was forced to abandon their guns fairly early in the battle.  The picture from yesterday would be off to my right and slightly behind me from where I was standing.  

Another hint is the picture below is that of an officer who was a regimental commander on the day of this battle.  Partially due to his actions on this day, he was later promoted to Brigadier General and would eventually rise to the rank of Major General.  He would go on to gain infamous fame for a deed and would also command a small force in desperate battle, outnumber almost eight to one, where he would delivered a crushing defeat against his opponent.  

One final hint, the battle that occurred where I had visited was basically a stalemate, but the effects of it made it a significant Union victory.

The answer is coming soon!


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