Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Figures Painted for 2013

Well, not only are these the first two figures that painted up for 2013, but they are also first miniatures that I have painted in maybe two years!  

I know that it looks odd, but the figure's mouth is open and I did a ink wash to darken it up.  But in these pics it almost looks like black lips.

This first picture is one of the Elhiem's COPS05 Cops or Villians. 
While I have not started naming my figures to create a personality to them, for this geezer I tried something to give him some "background".  I am a poor painter, so the attempt was not too good, but you can pick up the idea.  This geezer was a former member of the Royal Marines and wears their regimental tie as a badge of honor.  When you are around him, you probably should make too many 'Bootneck' jokes.

The figure to the right was part of "buying something just because" instead of buying something for a project.  Khurasan Miniatures has hidden in their various 15mm lines are little gems that are great characters based off of movies and TV shows.  This one is, of course, Hit Girl from the 2010 movie, Kick-Ass.  I placed the US penny in between so you can get a feel about how little she really is.  One the other side of the penny is a 20mm figure.  One thing that you will notice also about this figure is that it is mounted on a clear base.  About a year ago, at Millenniumcon 14, I got to play in a Charlie Don't Surf game run where the figures where mounted on clear stands (see link to that post).  I thought that was a cool idea and always keep it back in my head.  I had since ordered some clear bases, but never got around to trying it out until now.  I really like the result.  I will probably make this my new standard for any new projects where I don't have miniatures already painted and mounted.  Plus, I like the fact that it also cuts out the additional work of building up the terrain, painting, and flocking bases. 

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Simon Q said...

They both look great and boy is she tiny.

Sapper Joe said...


I am still not happy with the 20mm face, but I have always had a problem with doing faces for some reason. Also, in the picture it looks like I gave him black lipstick, now that I look back at it, but his mouth is open and that was a GW flesh ink wash to darken the inside of the mouth. I might have to go back and lighten it up some.



Phil said...

Nice figure!

Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, Phil!