Friday, February 1, 2013

Falklands - Where There Is Discord Board Game

I want to take a moment to announce a release of a board game about the Falklands Conflict.  I am very excited about this game and very excited about the company that is releasing it.  This is not the first release, but the third.  I missed out on the first two releases, but I will not miss out on this one as I already made my pre-order.

The game is called, Where There Is Discord, and it is published by Fifth Column Games.  In every review I have read, only high remarks have been given to it. 

The game is a solitaire game where the player takes the role of the British Task Force that must reclaim the Falklands and South Georgia Islands from the Argentine forces.   The Argentine forces, as well as political and mechanical troubles, are all programmed through random events in cards.  I have read some players AAR’s of their games on various blog’s and on the forum at Board Game Geek and found them very exciting.  I am already having visions of how I am going to incorporate this board game into my Falklands campaign.  This will be the mechanics for my challenges against the Task Force and when significant events occur, I will play them out using miniatures with my friends.

A picture of the game from BGG
But here is the real reason why I am really excited about the company for putting this game out.  In the first printing, the company promised to donate 100% of their profits to the Royal British Legion and to the Veteranos de Guerra (he attempted to donate the Argentine charity fund, but they never replied).  Let me repeat that, 100% of their profits.  In the second printing, the company again promised to donate their profits.  Even though they made a loss in profits during both printings, they still donated to the Royal British Legion to help the veterans of the Falklands and other conflicts.  How many other company’s would even consider doing anything except a small percentage, assuming that there was no loss of profit?  This third print, the owner, Dan Hodge, admitted that he will not commit to donating as he really needs to recoup the lost from the first two printings, but then I quote his words, “If we make profits from this run, (which is probable), then I'll again be making a donation to the British Legion” (my highlighting of his statement). What a stand up gentleman this guy is! I will be glad to do business with someone like him.



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