Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rally Round the Flag, Boys! - I ask for your assistance again

Three Blog Entries in Three Days!

I think I just set a record for most blogs in a single week for me!

So what is this all about?  This is a cry to rally for cyber-justice! A follower blogger, civil war buff, former resident of Missouri (I will forgiven him for being born in the UK :) ), and an author for Osprey (plus a very nice chap), has a cyber-squatter sitting on an old website of his.  Sean MacLachlan, who's excellent blog site is "Civil Horrors" (, has someone claim stake to an old domain name that he let lapse.  The problem being that now if anyone does a web search for him, this old site pops up first and his current main website, "Civil Wars Horrors," pops up around page five on the web search suggestions.  He needs people's assistance. Please visit his blog entry here (Link) and read his entry about being taken over by these squatters.  He can explain better than I can on how he needs your assistance and what you can do to help him out.

(BTW, you might notice some changes on the my blog lists to the right.  I added a lot my blogs and shuffled some around and created a couple new list.  Also I add a gadget that allows you to receive an email any time I add a new post.  I never used it before saw it as an option in the gadget devices.  I figured it could hurt.)

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