Friday, March 29, 2013

State of my life and my hobby update

Yeah, I know that I have not been posting anything really game related for a while, but that comes with the nature of my job.  Usually I'm working between
70-100 hours a week, but on this project, I am working around 55-66 hours and loving the free time.  But there lies the wrinkle as I was only suppose to be at my current out of town project for six weeks, so I didn't pack much of anything.  I have recently been projected to stay on this project until mid-April, which means that I will have been here for six months when I leave!  I only got to go home for one weekend a month and was limited to what I could carry on the airplane.  Plus, I also have to consider what I can pack in my car for the eventual return trip.  So, with all of this free time that could have been building up my terrain has been wasted...sigh.  Grant, I did get to build six more Metcalfe buildings which pretty much will fill up one box that can put in my car for the return trip.  Life is hell for traveling workers.  [UPDATE:  I go the news that I will be relocated to a very small town in South Carolina on the North Carolina border for about five months starting very soon – so this time I will pack my cardboard buildings, paints, and some figures to work on and some figures to inventory to sell – hopefully the work schedule with not be too bad, maybe 70-80 hours a week.]

OK, enough whining about my life and on to my gaming update.  First, I am planning to attend the Recruits gaming convention in Lee Summit, MO.  It is a nice little convention and well worth four-hour drive one way to attend.  I am not running anything this year, so I pretty much got free rein to be gaming anything.  I will post a report some time afterwards about it.

Next, if all goes well, tomorrow I will be visiting the National Civil War Naval Museum and the US Army Infantry Museum in Columbus, GA, area, and possibly Fort Tyler (the last fort to fall in the ACW) about 50 miles away.  I will try to post some pictures later as well.

Finally, my latest batch of painted figures from the Northumbrian Painting Services is in the mail.  I know that I will not get them before the next time I get home, but I will get pictures of them up some time later, probably in May.  I will be sending out my next batch shortly, which will be mostly 20mm zombies, civilians, and more Cold War British soldiers.  By the fall or early winter, my goal will be to start running some All Thing Zombies games.  Also, I am going to try to run a CDS game in May since everyone was sick with the flu the last time I tried. 

[UPDATE:  With this new work project, I plan to take my 1/6000 ships for the Falklands, 1/600 and 1/200 scale aircraft for the Falklands, and the rest of my Metcalfe and other cardboard buildings as my primary push .  Since the rest of my paper buildings are PDF files from ScaleScenes, WorldWorks, or Stoelzel, I can print those off as need later to keep up on getting more buildings. I will only be limited to the amount of space to pack everything for the return trip at the end of the project.

 I will also probably bring my 10mm Falklands troops, and a few 10mm Vietnam things that I still need (US artillery) to work on as well.  I plan to keep using Northumbrian Painting Services to work on my 20mm figures so to keep them consistent, but I might work on a few just because I can.]

Well, here is to more ambitious plans!




Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Joe, If you end up anywhere near Charlotte there's a few gaming websites/groups.
catawbagamers yahoogroup
Parker Banner Kent and Wayne is the name of one local game/comic store, the other is Your Local Game Store (IIRC).
C'ya, Charles

lrqan said...

Good to hear from you again. Good luck with yor project.

Itinerant said...

Crazy schedule. Sounds like you don't have time and are stuck in the boonies. However, you should look up some local groups... Or try to get some modelling complete.

Pete. said...

Sounds like you've got a pretty hectic job. I look forward to seeing your museum and con pics though.



Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, everyone!

I only made it to the Civil War Naval Museum and Fort Tyler. I have over 300 pictures that I have to sort through to weed out the out of focus ones.


Sapper Joe said...


Thanks for the heads up on that group. I don't know if I will be able to get there too often. The project is over two and half hours away from Charlotte as I already looked that up for trying to figure out where I am going to be able to fly home from while I am there.