Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Last Fort to Fall - Fort Tyler, West Point, GA

As promised, I am posting some pictures up from my Easter weekend tour of the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, GA, and Fort Tyler, West Point, GA.  I was not able to get to
the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA.  I was able to go through the pictures of Fort Tyler and I am trying to create a slide show to be added to a future blog entry.  I am still sorting through the Naval Museum, but also putting up a couple below as well.  Like wise, I will create a slide show later of that museum.

At the Naval Museum, I did break down and bought yet another Civil War book (I sworn that I would not buy another book...oh well.)  I bought Elliet's Brigade: The Strangest Outfit of All by Chester Hearn.  I have been wanting to buy these book for a while, but I wanted to get it in an electronic format.  But they have never released it in that format and there was a hardback version just sitting there saying, "You have been wanting to buy me for almost 10 years, here I am!"  How could I resist.  Now it goes in the queue to be read.

Anyway, Fort Tyler is know as "The Last Fort to Fall" as it was just that, being assaulted and captured on April 16, 1865, as part of the Battle of West Point, GA.  That was seven days after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House and two days after President Lincoln being assassinated.  During the battle, the Confederate general, Robert C. Tyler was killed and became the last Confederate general to be killed in battle.

The following pictures are from the National Civil War Naval Museum.

The large flag is the one that flew on the CSS Atlanta and was sunk in 1863.  It is the largest know surviving Confederate naval flag from the ACW.
Admiral Farragut's cutter from the USS Hartford

The remains of the CSS Jackson
Sorry, I also will not be doing a Whimsical Wednesday this week.



Pete. said...

Great stuff Sapper Joe, loved seeing the pics. The naval stuff is very fine- any close ups of the model boat?



lrqan said...

Super photos. I love the story of the fort. I must read up more about it.

combatcolours said...

just sitting there saying, "You have been wanting to buy me for almost 10 years, here I am!"

So it's a audio book??? :p

Looking forward to the Naval pic slideshow!

Sapper Joe said...

Due to my move and other busy schedule, I will eventually get to editing the Civil War Naval Museum pictures in the next couple of weeks. I will get them up here when I do!