Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Progress towards Anarchy!

Well, good news finally!  My latest batch of miniatures arrived from Northumbrian Painting Services (NPS) before the weekend, so I got to check them out Sunday after I got back from Recruits.  I am pleased with them again!  Most of figures are geared towards my 'Anarchy in the UK', but also many can double duty for the Falklands. 

First group of pictures are some more Argentine soldiers for the Falklands.  The .50 caliber HMG team is from Liberation.  The gunner and loader are actually from their Israeli line where I sand down the helmets.  The third figure, the rifleman, is from the African government troops with helmets because at that time I sent these off, I had not bought the figures from the Liberation's Argentine line, which I believe is still missing the HMG team.  The photo is more infantrymen from the old Hotspur line.  The reason that they were not with the last batch of Argentine figures is the the arm with the rifle is cast separately and I misplaced them.  Since then, I found them and got them in this batch.  The one figure in camouflage is for Army Commando group.

Argentine HMG team
Argentine infantry
The next several photos are for the British army.  Most are Liberation, but there are some Hotspurs, Britannia, and Elhiem figures which I am going label under the photo if they are not Liberation's.  You maybe wondering why so many British army figures?  There are several reasons, 1) I decided to up my total force to a full company for good size Falklands games and Anarchy games; 2) some of them are wearing Para helmets and others are wearing the type '44 helmet which can be seen in the first picture below, and finally; 3) as part of the 'Anarchy' games, there will be a civil war with British soldiers on both sides, so I need a little more than a company size.  Plus, eventually, some figures will get arm bands painted on to represent different factions for the 'Anarchy' games.  I am only going to this to some leaders and support teams so the infantry can be used for both sides and reducing the number of figures needed.

Para helmet on the left, '44 helmet on the right
Carl Gustav teams
Carl Gustav teams - the one team on the far left are from Britannia
Sustained Fire GPMG teams
GPMG's for the sections
One of three Milan teams
Platoon 20's Wombat Recoilless Rifle team
British Command
Radio operators in '44 helmets
Various prone Liberation figures - L to R: GPMG with '44 helmet, sniper, SAS GPMG
Elhiem's infantry
Britannia's infantry
Hotspur's SAS
Liberation's SAS support pack
To help protect the crown from evil doers are two agents  from CI5, Brodie and Doyle.  Both figures are from Elhiem.  Also, not shown in the picture, are both of their cars that I have got from Oxford Diecast.  Now I just need a bunch of empty cardboard boxes to scatter on the board.

The Professionals: Doyle and Brodie

Next is the first of a few batches of civilians, gangsters, and rioters.  Most are old Hotspurs, but three of them are from the Elhiem's zombie line's survivors. I forgot to get a picture of the Elhiem's survivors for this blog entry.

Hotspur's Rioters and thugs

Finally, the last photo is British soldiers in riot formation from Eureka.  NPS was kind enough to make the shields for as well.

Eureka's British army in riot gear
I got my next batch just about ready to put in the mail after a quick write up for the painting details and make sure that I have enough pennies for basing.  The main group for this next batch will be Elhiem's zombies.  I am going to get all of them done at the same time and be done with them.  The others will include more civilians and rioters from Hotspur; armed civilians from Liberation, Platoon 20, and Elhiem; another group of riot troops in DPM; more British army troops; a squad of US troops from Liberation's Vietnam line with M14's / M60 & flak vest to be used as either USMC riflemen for the US Embassy for 'Anarchy' or National Guardsmen for 'Dark Days in America'; and finally, a four person news team from Liberation.  While the news team is modern, they look relatively retro that will not stick out too bad.

Now, after my big move this weekend from GA to SC, I need to get back to making terrain for 'Anarchy'.

Be seeing you



Pete. said...

You've got a great set of figures there Sapper Joe, look forward to seeing them in action- a Company of Brits will look fantastic.



lrqan said...

What a great bunch of fogures andso well painted. Well done.

Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, guys! You really can thank Robert at Northumbrian Painting Services for doing such a great job. If I was painting all of these, it probably would be 10 years from now before I would get done.


Jon said...

Hi Sapper Joe
Re Falklands ref, something that may interest you
the one thing I noticed is that your CG No2's have Ammo tins which the No2's would not have carried, they should be tubes.

Sapper Joe said...

Hello, Jon

I sort of figured that, however that is what came with the figures. So I ran with it.

Thank you for the website link!