Monday, June 24, 2013

I just went nuts with my $$$ - Or, what am I buying for gaming

Due to various things, I have not been spending any money towards my ‘Anarchy in the UK’ project lately.  I have been slowly been picking up on other things, but no more!  I got my expense pay check back last weekend (my money that I have to use for company things, but they eventually pay me back for using).  Since I finally got to it, (over a grand!), I sort of went on an uncontrolled splurge on stuff my urban ‘AitUK’ terrain board.  One of the main reasons that I decide to keep my 20mm stuff is that it designed with OO scale (AKA 4mm or 1:76) model railroading kits, which is very popular in the UK.  So there is a lot of stuff that is available.  While HO scale is popular here in the US, it is 1:87th scale.  So while some things work with the 20mm, others are too small. 

Anyways, I really went nuts for scenery to do a scrap yard.  I did this for a few reasons.  First, I like the idea of have a nasty looking area that would create an interesting fighting condition.  Secondly, the first scenario in the Geezers, Shut It! rules takes place in a scrap yard.  And finally, in my upcoming zombie / post- apocalypse games they will make great objectives for scrappers to fight over.  So with this in mind, I ordered the following items:  scrap metal super pile (very large with large items), scrap metal bales pile, tires scrap pile, misc. scrap pile, four stacks of flattened cars, a double portacabin office, and three meters of grey wire mesh fencing!  I think that I will have fairly nice looking scrap yard when it is done.

Now for the suburban / residential & commercial area board, I picked up the following:  a telephone box, four Royal Mail Post boxes, twelve dustbins (US: trash cans), a pile of roadside garbage for pickup day, some fruit & vegetable crates, and some piles of mail bags, plus sixteen stack of sacks, that I am going to paint up for garbage bags to give a feeling for that period of time during the ‘Winter of Discontent’ in the UK.  I also picked up a set of 1970’s framed adverts and 41 piece set of sand brown stone wall fencing. 

I also picked up my final pack of Metcalfe tarmac sheets.  What I am doing is gluing four sheets in a 2x2 sheet pattern on 5mm foam board to make an urban terrain base (56cm x 40cm; 22” x 15.75”).  I will need to cut down the board to have it fit in my 33L Really Useful Box that I store my 20mm Metcalfe buildings (interior dimensions: 24” x 14”).  So with two rows of three sheets will get me a board area of 48” x 42” or close to my ideal 4’x4’ area.  Maybe one day I can find a decent roll-up mat that looks like tarmac and don’t have 28mm shell holes or other silly stuff painted on it.  I want it to be just plain Jane so I can move my buildings around and have various road lanes.  I will eventually make some little park / green templates to place on it too.

Next I picked up some odds and ends, like 20 cheap OO scale cars (modern, but I am not going to worry over that too much), a moonshine still (OK, I had to get one!).  I also picked up a pack of 100 miniature tiny bricks, a pack of larger miniature bricks (250 pieces), and a pack of dark red brick modeling dust.   I plan to make some brick piles for pre-located riot weapons or representing damage markers for damage on buildings.  I went ahead and order both sizes of bricks to see what works better.  The tiny ones measure 3.13mm x 1.45mm x 0.93mm in size or to scaled brick of 23.8cm (9.37“) x 11cm (4.3“) x 7cm (2.75“).  The average US red brick is about 8” × 4” × 2.25” and in the UK, they are about 21.5cm × 10.25cm × 6.5cm. So they are a little bit on the big side and really close enough for a scale purist/Nazi.  The large bricks measure 2.19mm x 4.69mm x 1.4mm, so don’t scale out to my 20mm, but they do scale out towards 28mm figures…hmmm…I think my Dead Rabbits now have piles of Irish confetti for the Crushers.  B’hoys!

Finally, I picked up a couple of vehicles that are also 1:72 or 20mm.  Considering the time frame of my ‘AitUK’ project, I couldn’t pass them up.  Let’s just say that one is a yellow gyrocopter and the other is a silver Aston Martin DB5…cue ‘Spies in the Night’

Good Evening, Miss Moneypenny



Anonymous said...

Looks promising and what a haul! Where did you pick up your street furniture? I could use some for a VCBW project. Over here our oo/ho scale is 1/72nd.

Sapper Joe said...


I bought all of my stuff off of eBay from various dealers. I tend to do that when it comes to buying stuff like this as I prefer its search engine and I can compare several dealers at the same time. However, you probably can find them cheaper through other sources if you got the time. I am only listing those items that will probably work for your VBCW. What I did below is list out the manufacturers and kit name and number for whose I was able to get.

Kibri: KIB38605 3 m of wire mess fence
Knightwing: PM124 Double Portacabin
Gilbow/EFE: 99623 Telephone Box
Gilbow/EFE: 99618 Royal Mail post boxes
Modelscene: 5083 Dustbins
Modelscene: 5089 Mail bags
Activeline Collection: 41 piece stone wall set
Activeline Collection: The stack of 16 sacks
Walthers Cornerstone: 3636 Misc Scrap Pile
Walthers Cornerstone: 3637 Tires Scrap Pile
Walthers Cornerstone: 3635 Scrap Metal Bales
The miniature bricks & dust are from an ebay seller in the UK:
From an estate sale: the scrap metal super pile, fruits & vegetables crates, garbage pickup day roadside pile, & the moonshine still.

I pretty much found all of these by doing a search for “OO scale” and adding a general description, like “Bricks” or “Scrap pile”.

Also, if you check out Shapeways, there are some OO scale scenery that fits your period.

Hope this helps in your project!


Pete. said...

A good haul there Sapper. I look forward to seeing what you come up with it all.

BTW- if you have trouble getting hold of any more Knightwing stuff let me know as they are a (very) local company to me.