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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Congo Update: How I got “Mad” Mike Hoare to read me a story!

Well, I got a pleasant surprise earlier this week when I was looking for Kindle books on the Congo Conflict and noticed that there was an audiobook of one of “Mad” Mike Hoare’s books.  After checking a little further, I found that not only was the audiobook was an unabridged version, but it was read by “Mad” Mike himself!  Then the topping on the cake is that there is a total of six unabridged audiobooks read by Mike Hoare.  I have ordered four of the five, but have not listened to them yet.  I am not too sure how he will sound as he is 92 or 93 now and I am guessing that he only did this a couple of years ago at most.

Anyway, if you can get Amazon’s (US) sister company,, you can download them at a fairly reason price at $4.95 each.  I am not sure if you can get them outside of the US, but I bet so.

The audiobooks available are listed below with a brief description from the Amazon site:

Congo Mercenary A book in which the author, Colonel Mike Hoare, tells of his part as a mercenary in the armed rebellion in the Congo in 1964. The book is intended as an accurate account of the military response to the rebellion.

Congo Warriors - Col. Mike Hoare's favorite book consisting of 21 short stories, giving new insight into the minds and hearts of the adventurers who became mercenary soldiers. It captures the spirit of mercenary soldiering.

The Road to Kalamata - Col. Mike Hoare describes how his 4 Commando supported Moise Tshombe's breakaway state of Katanga against both the UN forces, and the Baluba tribesmen who used poison arrows, pit traps, marijuana, spells, jungle drums...and even reported to ritual torture and cannibalism.

The Seychelles Affair - Col. Mike Hoare tells how he planned to overthrow the militant socialist government of the Seychelles, what went wrong at Mahé airport, and of his trial and imprisonment in South African jails.

Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa - Go with Mike on foot across Basutoland; by motorbike from Cape Town to Cairo; to sea in a 36-foot ketch; into the Kalahari desert - and more. In the final chapter he describes how he and his wife move to an Edenic island in the Okovanga delta, and the terrible and wonderful events that took place there.

Three Years with Sylvia - Mike and his family sail the Western Mediterranean in a 72-foot yacht - a converted 100 ton Baltic Trader. The yachting anecdotes bring out the Irish in him.


Thomas Nissvik said...

Sounds very interesting, please give us reviews when you listened to these.

combatcolours said...

So, still raining on the job site???

Sapper Joe said...

Will do, Thomas!

@combatcolours: Yes, about 3" in 50 mins on Saturday. God will not be happy until SC is underwater.

Blake Wood Walker said...

It's true. God hates the South. Maybe you can float back home to St. Louis.