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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chain of Command – Pre-orders now available

Well, today was the first day for placing pre-orders for the new Too Fat Lardies’ rules, Chain of Command, which will be officially released on August 21.  This is a new set of rules take a whole different route of mechanics from the traditional TFL system of using cards for the sequence of actions.  This system is strictly a dice mechanics for what type of units that can act per turn. 

I am had been looking forward to this set of rules to do platoon size actions, but I will not be using it for the period that it covers, WWII.  I plan to use them to do my ‘Anarchy’ & Falklands projects.  So I might need to change/add a few things, but as the basics of what was available in the 1960s to early 80s really did not change that much from WWII, especially when it comes to an infantry only fight.  Most of vehicles that I plan to use are going to be light vehicles anyway and should not be too different compared to WWII equipment.

I pre-ordered the Big Bundle, which has everything in the Complete Bundle except the 28mm resin Jump-Off markers.  As I never plan to do any gaming in 28mm where I could use them, I decided against getting the Complete Bundle.  So what do I get?  In the bundle will be a hard copy and ether a PDF or an electronic tablet-friendly version of the rules (I will get the PDF), plus 24 game tokens, two green and two grey 24mm Chain of Command dice.  The tokens, dice, and the 28mm resin Jump-Off markers can be found on this Too Fat Lardies blog entry:

If you are interested in ordering a set of the rules, visit the TFL web store at

I hope to give this system a run in September or October of this year when I am back home using the “Anarchy” project in its first showing.


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