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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slight Congo War Update

Well, I have not started reading Mad Dog Killers, yet.  But much to my happy surprise, Congo Unravelled: Military Operations from Independence to the Mercenary Revolt 1960-68, by Andrew Hudson (part of the Africa@war series) is now available as a Kindle.  I have the paperback version, but left it behind before my travel.  I picked up the Kindle version as I am eventually going to replace some of my physical copies with electronic versions to save on space.  So I have been reading that to bring myself back up to the political and social backgrounds of what was going on in the Congo before starting Mad Dog Killers.  

I am also glad to see that many, if not all, of the Africa@war series is now available electronically.  I am planning to eventually start reading on the Mau-Mau revolt of the 1950's.  The Africa@war series are not super detailed books, but they give you enough information to get a history in a nutshell for a great little primer on the various post-WWII African conflicts, especially in about 70-80 pages.

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Chuckaroobob said...

Hi, I've read their "Operation Dingo" book, and it was written by J.R.T.Wood, the same dude who wrote other books about Rhodesia and southern Africa. Pretty good stuff!

Sapper Joe said...

Good to know that! I was hoping that all of their books would be as just as good.