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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where There Is Discord Update

I am happy to announce that the third printing of Fifth Column Game’s, “Where There Is Discord”, is now available.  But I am also sad to say that they have already sold out!  I was lucky enough to have pre-ordered it months ago (maybe a year ago?) through Noble Knight Games.  So I am one of the lucky few to be getting a copy (I already got my email confirming that it has shipped)

I was not aware that it finally was released until late on Sunday when I saw my email from Noble Knight Games about getting their copies from Friday and asking for my payment.  I meant to post this on Monday, but I got too busy with work (like getting a promotion).   Today, I went to Fifth Column’s website to copy down the link for letting people know what the game is all about and saw that it was sold out!  That was pretty fast!  So if you didn’t get to order one already, you are probably out of luck.  But you still might have luck at Noble Knight Games (Link).

“Where There Is Discord” is a solitaire board game of the 1982 Falklands campaign, where you play the Task Force commander.  It has been highly rated by just about everyone who has played the game and it can be reviewed on (Link).  When I get home next, I will bring it back to where I am working to do a more formal review of it and post-game AAR.  But if you want to look at the official website for the game until then, it is at this link.

Riding on the high remarks and success of three printing of “Where There Is Discord”, I decided to pre-order though Noble Knight Games the upcoming Fifth Column’s game, “Codeword Cromwell”.  “Codeword Cromwell” is also another solitaire board game where you play the British defenders at the Battle of Birkham Stokes during Operation Sea Lion in 1940 (yes, it is a fictional battle).  What is really neat is that this game is the first public release from an actual training manual from the UK’s Combined Forces Military College used to train officer cadets in 1941!   Being a joint adventure with Fifth Column Games, this should be a pretty and well written solitaire board game.  Go to this link to see the official site for the game.

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