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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whimsical Wednesday – A Tribute to a King

This Whimsical Wednesday is dedicated to the Big E on his 79th birthday.  

 (If you have to ask, I can’t explain…)

First off, this is a video of my favorite song by him

Next, a song by Mojo Nixon that explains why we all must praise the King

Now a video by one of the best imitators for matching the voice in my opinion, with James “The King” Brown's cover of Nirvana's classic, "Come as you are"

One more time for James "The King" Brown, with the best song that I really thinks has the spirit of the King in voice, tempo, and style
This is the best imitation I have ever seen on film and Bruce Campbell should have gotten an Oscar for his acting and voice for this role...if you get the DVD, listen to audio commentary by Bruce Campbell in character!

Andy Kaufman was allegedly the King's favorite of all of the imitators, so I must show a clip of Andy's
We follow up that video with his one by Steve Goodman that is a tribute to all of the King’s loyal knights

And here is the Jimmy Buffett's cover the of the same song

Here is a more somber song about the King from the late and great Warren Zevon (oh, how we miss your lyrics too, maestro)

Finally, I have to leave with this one last video.  It is the song that placed the golden crown of his majesty’s head with much credit to Mae Axton & Tommy Durden.  LONG LIVE THE KING!


combatcolours said...

79th birthday? SO he IS living in southern Missouri! about suspicious minds.:p

Sapper Joe said...

Of course he is still alive! He is just on vacation with Andy Kaufman.