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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri - too close to home

In case some of you have not heard about the events in Ferguson, Missouri, yet, I will provide a wiki link for a more detailed (and probably not 100% correct) account of the events.

I normally would avoid bring up my personal politics on to this blog as this blog is meant to be about my gaming.  But as you have seen recently, I have been using it to bring up some personal issues as well.  The only reason I am bring this one up is due to the seriousness of the events and how close they are to my home and to just let everyone know that so far, I, my family, and home have been safe through all of the lawlessness and anarchy going on just a few miles away from me.  

I live just over 2.5 miles from the Ferguson, MO, City Hall.  Even with all of the events that have been happening, everything around here is normal and quite, as if nothing has or is happening.  It is weird in many ways as I used to be very familiar with Ferguson when I was much younger and know some of the areas that are having the looters and rioters attack and how close it is to my home.

I use go to Ferguson back in the '70's & '80's when it was a very nice place.  I once even thought of looking for a house there back in the early '90's when I was hoping to land a job back in St. Louis after college.  I even use to be an Auxiliary Fire Fighter (unpaid volunteer) for Ferguson Fire Department back in late '80's...even the station I was assigned to was right next door to the Ferguson's City Hall.  It use to be a really nice town back then. Some time around the late '90's it started on the downhill slide. It is a shame to see this happen. 



Pete. said...

Stay safe, not matter how far away the news is on my TV it is important to remember that it is always close to someone affected.



Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, Pete