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Monday, September 1, 2014

Another update

I am sorry to say that I still have nothing to talk about for gaming, but I did do some work on my 40K Tau infantry and packed up a banker’s box and a half of RPG books to put in a local used game auction on September 27th.  (Link)  (I however will not be able to attend this auction as that weekend I will be in out of town to watch the 150th anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of Pilot Knob!)  I guess with everything that has been happening, I just been having basic lack of any motivation, but I have been lacking motivation for miniature gaming for a long time before everything too. 
I blame this for my mental illness

As for the issues in Ferguson, everything appears to be normal, but we are not out of the woods yet as the Grand Jury still has not decided on if there is enough evidence that the police officer may have done something illegal.  So we may have a second round of rioting depending on how the rioters feel about the Grand Jury’s findings.  Hopefully, they will be peaceful regardless of the findings.
I also blame this guy too
So in trying to be more upbeat for the rest of this entry, let’s talk about some fun stuff!  A long time ago, I put in a pre-order for the solo board game, ‘Codeword Cromwell:  The German Invasion of England, 8 June 1940’ by Fifth Column Games.  I got it a while back, but with everything going on I forgot to mention that I got it.  It looks pretty, but I have not read the rules yet.  I will try to do something soon with it so to get up some kind of a review on it here.  No promises when that will happen.   I also have the solo board game on the Falklands conflict, ‘Where There Is Discord’ from Fifth Column Games for a while and more or less finish reading the rules, but have not tried the game yet to see if I got a handle on the rules.  Again that is something I need to do in the future so I can put up a review. 
What it seems to be my current enjoyment
On the reading front, I had not been reading much at all over the past couple months and only really started to pick back up in the last week.  I am now 70+% through Fort Davidson and the Battle of Pilot Knob: Missouri’s Alamo, by Walter Busch.  I am really glad that I reading it now.  While all of the other books that I read on the Battle of Pilot Knob, this is the only one that goes into depth about the building of the fort, garrison life at the fort, and the post-war efforts to save the fort and make it into a historical park.  It has to sacrifices the details on the battle to cover those other items, but details of the battle can be easily read in the excellent book, Pilot Knob: The Thermopylae of the West, by Cyrus A. Peterson.

In addition to reading Fort Davidson, I am currently listening to the abridged version of Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, by Doris K Goodwin while I am driving.  I am over 90% of the way through that too.  It is a very good book and the audio speaker, Richard Thomas (John Boy from The Walton’s), has a good voice to listen to.  I am feeling the need to visit the Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL, very soon.   Plus, I am seriously thinking buying the unabridged version to listen to as I really enjoyed this one.  To give you an idea of the amount of material that I am missing by listening to the abridged vs. the unabridged version is the following:  the abridged version is almost 9-1/2 hours long, while the unabridged version is just over 41-1/2 hours long!

Speaking of books and authors, in the next St. Louis Civil War Roundtable meeting, September 24, the guest speaker will be Dr. Mark A Lause, who authored the book that I just recently finished, Price’s Lost Campaign: The 1864 Invasion of Missouri, and will be releasing the second volume to that book soon, entitled The Collapse of Price’s Raid: The Beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri.  I am looking forward to attending that presentation.
Finally, I bought a bunch of books on Kindle, some were free and most were under $5, if not $10.  I have a plastic bowl that I put my loose change in and whenever it is filled up, I take it to a coin machine at a nearby grocery store.  If I use it to get cash, then I lose about 10% in getting dollars…or I can get credit at 100% of what I put in it.  So, here is a list of what I bought, plus see if you can pick a common theme for most of the books!:
Border State Contest: Civil War Comes to Missouri in 1861, by Dick Titterington

Sterling Price Returns: The Southern Counteroffensive to Retake Missouri in 1861, by Dick Titterington

The Battle of Carthage, Missouri: First Trans-Mississippi Conflict of the Civil War, by Kenneth E. Burchett

An Account of the Battle of Wilson's Creek, by Holcombe Aams

Civil War Springfield (Missouri), by Larry Wood, Douglas W. Bostick

The Battle of Massard Prairie, Arkansas: The 1864 Confederate Attacks on Fort Smith, by Dale Cox and William Cox

The Battle of Westport: Missouri's Great Confederate Raid, by Paul Kirkman and Douglas W. Bostick

The Battle of Mine Creek: The Crushing End of the Missouri Campaign, by Jeffrey D. Stalnaker

Adaptation Of The Vessels Of The Western Gunboat Flotilla To The Circumstances Of Riverine Warfare During The American Civil War, by Lt.Cmd. Nicolas F. Budd

Whip and Spur, (An officer’s personal accounts from the 4th Missouri Cavalry US) by George E. Waring Jr.

First Kansas Colored Volunteers: Contributions of Black Union In the Trans-Mississippi West, by Michael Carter, Kurtis Toppert, & Walter Seager

A Pair of Boots, a Hat, and a Gallon of Beer, (about the 13th Illinois Cavalry) by J. Roger Kearney

1920 - The Deadliest Year for St. Louis (Missouri) Police, by Ken Zimmerman Jr.

The Malvinas War from the Argentinian Viewpoint, by Lt. Col Ricardo Albert Puche

Pebble Island (Elite Forces Operations Series), by Jon Cooksey and Francis McKay

Heroes of Jadotville: The Soldiers' Story, by Rose Doyle

The War in Nicaragua, by William Walker

The Story of the Filibusters, by James Roche

King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa, by Adam Hochschild

Q Ship vs U-Boat: 1914-18, by David Greentree and Peter Dennis

Dyatlov Pass Keeps Its Secret, by Irina Lobatcheva, Vladislav Lobatchev, and Amanda Bosworth

Urbain Grandier: Celebrated Crimes, by Alexandre Dumas père
What I fear
Hope to have some good gaming news in my next entry!



Pete. said...

Good to keep reading, little lead men can wait till you feel up to tackling them again, fortunately they don't need feeding or don't go off (now that lead rot isn't an issue).

An impressive list of American Civil War titles. Glad to see someone so dedicated to their project.

Also I'd be interested in how the Falklands game plays through.



Michael Peterson said...

Some first rate reading on the ACW in the West. That reminds me, I have an unpunched copy of SPI's Wilsons Creek game from their old TSS system, sitting in my game vault. I should dig it out and play it.
Love the illustrations in your post. I too blame my mental frailties on long hours pondering that 100 soldiers add in the comics.

Sapper Joe said...


Thanks, it is more like a sickness than a dedication. I have now found a dozen or more PDFs of microfished documents on the Missouri's US cavalry units alone...and each one of those is over 2000 (yes, 2K!) pages! Joy!


If I remember correctly, that was was fun game. I plan to post some pics of the 150th anniv. reenactment of Wilson Creek later too.