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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whimsical Wednesday & Quick Update

First, the Whimsical Wednesday moment
Schrödinger's cat conducts an experiment
Well, this will be a short update.

I still have not done much in the line in gaming other than getting in one game with Blake, Don, & Curtis in a Colonial battle of British vs Egyptians using The Sword & The Flame.  Don and I were the Egyptians and were facing equal British forces under Blake & Curtis.  Amazing, we won!  Not only did we win, but destroyed the British force (only 4 guys of 48 figs escaped off the board)...but we were pretty much bloody too.  I think we had 9 guys out of 48 figs and we passed are army morale rolls, multiple times! Unfortunately, none of us took pictures!

So, on the reading front, I finished a couple of books since my last post and now on to another book.

1920 - The Deadliest Year for St. Louis Police by Ken Zimmerman Jr
2912 Washington and the Murder of Arthur Huddleston by Ken Zimmerman Jr

King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild

I am off work next week and plan to do some work in the basement or maybe even paint miniatures.  But as I mention before, I will be attending the lecture on Price's Raid and attending the 150th anniversary of the Pilot Knob reenactment.



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History PhD said...

But is the cat alive or dead? Haha!! It's both at the same time!!