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Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016: A Year of Lofty Goals

Pointing the way towards 2016's gaming

Once again I make long term goals and post them out for the world to see so to give me (hopefully) motivation to meet them.  I'm going to try to be more "straight to the point" vs rambling on about my goals this time than  like what I did with the 2015's goals.

Personal Goals 

Lose at a minimum of ten pounds but strive for a lot more

Study and take the test for a professional certificate for work and to get abbreviation letters after my name

Take my first real vacation in six years, plus visit another country since my last time eight years ago.  I plan to go to Canada for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgeway and visit the New England states (Connecticut, Massachusetts , Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont), plus New York for about two weeks.  I don't have all of my plans lined out right now

Read / listen to 24 books (note, I blew away this number last year with a total of 44.  But most of them were small novels or novellas which inflated that number a lot. This year I plan to tackle more "hardy" books.

Gaming Goals

Send a batch of miniatures to be painted at least every other month, with the goal of completing all of the figures for a project first before moving on to another (currently, this first project will be the 28mm North Russia Allied Expedition 1918-1920 and then rolling over into War Plan Crimson, 1932, as the most of the American and Canadian figures are the same ones for both projects, plus that is what was in the the batch I sent in November.)

Continue the downsizing of "dead" projects and have most up for sale and start departing with books covering the "dead" projects 

Reorganize my storage of terrain and miniatures on my shelves in the gaming area of my basement to maximize what active projects I am keeping and get the game table mostly cleared off

Try to run some games



Pete. said...

Good luck with your plans. Looking forward to seeing the '19-20 Winter stuff.



lrqan said...

Good plans, good luck.

Sapper Joe said...

Cheers, Gents!


Simon Quinton said...

Good plans. Good luck fella!