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Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: A year has end and a review

So another year ends and we are already into the next.  2015 was not a good year for my social life, but I did meet some goals that I set for at the beginning of 2015.  It is time for a recap of my basic goals from my 2015 commitment blog entry in January, '15, which I am summarizing in black print and what I actually  completed in red print.  Some time in the near future, I will lay out my 2016 goals.

On a side note that while I made no commitments to the number of blog entries for 2015, I did post a total of 40 for the year.

2015 Personal Related Goals:
  • Change my diet / eating habits to lose weight and become more health oriented. - I did lose just over 20 lbs since the same time last year.
  • Try to exercise more, mainly by walking - Yep, I was doing this at work until the weather got worst
  • Try to clear out more items from my aunt’s house and get a Building Inspector to find what needs to be corrected for possibly renting it out or selling it - Done and the house has been closed for sale earlier this week
  • Go back to cleaning up my basement - I am doing this, but not as often as I really should be working on it
  • Try to get rid of more books and start reducing my CD & DVD collections - Really have not even started on this, but did give away several dozen books to a church group that ships them to soldiers overseas and a couple of books to local friends.

Entertainment Related
Read / listen to a minimum of 24 books - I read or listen to 44 books or short stories in 2015.  I also listened to 68 new radio plays.

finish reading Ridgeway: The American Fenian Invasion and the 1866 Battle That Made Canada by Peter Vronsky - Nope, still half way through

finish off the Ian Fleming’s James Bond series - done

read the four volume opus by Bruce Nichols’ Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri - I finished two and about 3/4th of the way through the third.  They are very good books and easy to read, but I just got side tracked and have hardly been reading anything at all for the last several months.

go to the Missouri History Museum to see the Utopia: Revisiting the German State in America exhibit - Totally missed it...damn.  One unexpected event was to fly in and to pilot a Ford Tri-motor during 2015, so it sort of makes up for it. 

Gaming Related:

My basement gaming table is one of my top priorities for 2015. - No, it didn't and it is still in same shape that it was at this time last year, even if some stuff cycled off the time, new crap got put on the table.

Continue on with my 15mm Ridgeway project in painting my Canadians and start repainting my Fenian figs.  Next I am going to lay out a scale map and see what I need for terrain to make this a playable game prior to the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2016. - None of this happened

I am planning to restart my 15mm ACW project - Not only did this not happen, but I am planning to sell off almost all of my ACW 15mm project.  I got it inventoried and packed up, but need to quote a selling price.

start back up my 1/6000 Falklands Conflict naval project - Nope again

work / buying up more terrain - I did buy some terrain stuff off of Ebay, but not a whole lot.

I am hoping to run at least three games - Oh! My! God!  Not only did I fail this, but I only played in one miniature game this whole year.

downsizing of my dead gaming projects and try to get back to selling stuff off - The only thing that I really have been doing from my list of 2015 gaming commitments.  I sold a few things off to those that I game with the most, but have not tried to put up my list of items to sell to others yet.

sending stuff off again for painting commissions - OK, this is the second thing that I am actually doing from my 2015 commitments.  I am sending figures off to Fernando Painting in Sri Lanka.  I am very happy with their service so far.  I have sent two batches of miniatures to them, one 15mm, the other 28mm, at different times.  The 15mm took about 3 to 4 months and can be seen on my blog entry here.  The 28mm figures I didn't send out until the first of November, so they are not back yet. 

avoid doing any new projects this year - Broken is so many ways that I can't count the tears.
As always…cheers!



Warren Abox said...

Only one miniature game all year? You gotta get back on the horse. I've found that playing games keeps the motivation up - maybe setting up games on the kitchen table and having to tear them down and lug everything all over will help keep you inspired to get the basement setup properly.

That said, you did manage a ferocious amount of reading. That's hardly time wasted.

Pete. said...

Congrats on the weight loss- I'd be happy with that alone. Well done with the books too. As for the models, once you've bought them they don't have up keep costs or need feeding so you can just box them away 'till later.



Sapper Joe said...

Thanks for the replies!

@Warren Abox: Yeah, it is sad. But got to clean the table up first.

@Pete: The problem is with the all of the miniatures is the lack of storage area which is one of the main reasons for the overcrowded game table. I get the message, but I need to get rid of stuff as I am hoarder that luckily can admit to the problem and do some things to correct it.