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Monday, June 13, 2016

Wisdom tooth and New England Outline

OK, first with the really bad news, I have an wisdom tooth infection right now and I am in a lot of pain!  I spoke to my dentist at his emergency phone number and got a prescription of antibiotics, but they are not lasting their full length of time and I just took another waiting for the pain to subside some so I can get some sleep (couldn't sleep at all yesterday.)  I will not be able to see him until Tuesday and I might have to miss work today if I can't sleep again.  I am definitely having both of my wisdom teeth pulled as soon as possible after this!  

Anyways, I was typing up my New England trip outline for myself to get the pictures in order, but since I can't sleep because of my tooth right now, I might as well post it here with a few pics for now.  Below is a listing of the locations I visited during my New England trip.  For an idea on how much ground that I really covered, I had a rental car that I picked up in New York City and in sixteen days drove over 4000 miles (6400 km), including walking an average of five miles (8 km) every day.  
My companion for sixteen days with the adeptly name, Jeep Patriot
Now for the other bad news shoe to drop...I discovered that I lost one of my camera’s memory cards, so I lost about 1/3 of my pictures from my trip…sigh.  

I have some general notes also behind some of the locations for significance or general information.

NYC Spent most of my day with a college friend of mine who lives in Manhattan, so the locations for NYC was visited with him
NYC Stanton Island Ferry and took photos of Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty
NYC Wall Street - The Bull Statue, Federal Hall National Memorial, and dined at Fraunce’s Tavern
 NYC Village – Visited the Slaughter Lamb Tavern but took no pictures
Sleepy Hollow - Missing most of my pictures, but visited the Headless Horseman Bridge, Old Dutch Church, and Washington Irving’s grave
Stony Point AWI Battlefield - Missing most of my pictures
Fort William Henry F&I Battlefield - Missing all of my pictures
Saratoga AWI Battlefield - Missing all of my pictures
Fort Ticonderoga F&IW & AWI Battlefield

Groton US Submarine Museum & the USS Nautilus
Hartford State Capitol
Hartford Old State House
Hartford State History Museum
Hartford Soldiers Memorial

Providence H.P. Lovecraft’s tour of College Hill (many of the buildings that mentioned in his stories) and his gravesite
 Newport Old Stone Mill & Touro Park

Bennington AWI Memorial - Missing all of my pictures
Townshend Post Office - From HP Lovecraft’s story, “Whisperer in the Darkness”
Townshend Cover Bridge - Missing all of my pictures
Brattleboro Railroad Station - From HP Lovecraft’s story, “Whisperer in the Darkness”
Brattleboro Cover Bridge - Missing all of my pictures
Brattleboro Dark Mountain – From HP Lovecraft’s story, “Whisperer in the Darkness”
St Albans – Site of Confederate raid during the US Civil War
 Sheldon – No pictures due to not being able to safely get to the road side markers, but site of a Confederate raid during the US Civil War

Whately Schoolhouse, Post Office, & Town Hall – Possible location of HP Lovecraft’s Dunwich, from the story “The Dunwich Horror”
Stockbridge/Great Barrington: Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Tour and a speculated location of the scene of the crime!
Fall River Battleship Cove - Missing all of my pictures
Fall River Historical Society Museum – No pictures allowed, but site of many Lizzie Borden artifacts
Fall River Lizzie Borden’s Bed & Breakfast
Provincetown Pilgrim Monument / Museum & Pilgrim’s First Landing spot - Missing almost all of my pictures
Cape Cod – Missing all of my pictures
Salem Shipyards
Salem House of the Seven Gables & Nathaniel Hawthorne’s house
Salem National Guard Armory
Salem The Witch House
Salem Charter Street Old Burial Ground & the Pickman’s House and the white house which was inspired in HP Lovecraft’s story, “The Unnamable” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “Dr Grimshawe”
Salem Bewitched Monument
Salem Witch Trial’s Monument
Salem Clue House – the house used in the US version of Clue
Salem Yellow House – From HP Lovecraft’s story, “The Thing at the Door”,
Salem Night Tour
 Salem St Paul’s
Salem Town Hall – Used in the movie, “Hocus Pocus”
Salem Witch Museum
Danvers Witch Trials Monument
Danvers Rebecca Nurse Home – No pictures allowed
Rowley Town Hall – From HP Lovecraft’s story, “The Shadow Over Innmouth”
Ispwich Town Hall – From HP Lovecraft’s story, “The Shadow Over Innmouth”
Lexington & Concord Minute Man Park and Lexington Battle Green
 Boston Bunker Hill Monument
Boston USS Constitution
Glouscester American Legion Hall – From HP Lovecraft’s story, “The Shadow Over Innmouth”
Haverhill Bedford University – From HP Lovecraft’s vision for what Miskatonic University would look like

Fort McClary

North Salem American Stonehenge – The circle of stones that HP Lovecraft vision in his story, “The Dunwich Horror”

Eccles Hill – Location of the 1870 Fenian Raid
Battle of the Windmill Battlefield
Fort Wellington
Ridgeway Conference & Tour of the battlefield – A literary society conference for the 150th anniversary for the Battle of Ridgeway, including many noted speakers
Derrick Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones Concert – Part of the Ridgeway conference
Ridgeway 150th Ceremonies 

Be seeing you


Blake Wood Walker said...

I visited many of the places you were in Boston, MA when I visited my relatives back East. I could make an trip out of a visit to NYC, though.

Pete. said...

Looks like it was a good trip- shame about losing the photos.

My sympathies with your teeth- I've recently had two teeth pulled myself.