Saturday, September 10, 2016

Closer to getting my last batch of figures being painted back

So, I think I mentioned that I had a problem with Fernando Painting Services in regarding my RCW US infantry in this current batch of figures to be painted, so I sent one of my previous figures back to be used as a sample.  Well, due to customs, etc. they finally got it after five weeks since I mailed it.  Everything is done, except my US infantry and they are now working on them.  I should be see my figures early next month, I suspect.  So, I will hopefully have a game in October with the figures.  

The next batch of figures will be more RCW figures, the Czech Legion, mounted Cossacks, and some White Russian shock troops for the Kornilov Shock Division (I know that they served in the Southern Front and not Siberia or North Russia, but they have pretty uniforms).  I still have to count everything up, but I think I still have some more more that I can put in this batch but I still have to figure out what.

Finally, I am almost 70% the way through "Asian Odyssey" by Alioshin (see to the left or in the tab for 2016's books).  It is a very enjoyable read, not only about his military career, but most of the book so far is more about survival in the wilderness and interactions with Mongolians nomads and how they lived.  There are several humorous incidents that shows how screwed up things where in Russia during the Civil War, which are very similar to other accounts that I have read in other books.  My favorite is once he disguised as an Austro-Hungrian ex-POW traveling east towards China to help spread the word of the Revolution and help free the peasants from the yoke of wealthy, so he might sneak through the Reds until he could get to the White Russian settlements in north China.  One day he got work in a town by unknowingly knocking on the door of the head of the local district's commissar's house.  As he could not escape right away, he settled into his new job as the clerk for records of marriages and death as he could read and write.  Later on, he was asked if he knew anything of the legal system by the head commissar.  When he answered that he did not, he was immediately made into the district's civil judge since he was not already corrupted by doing it the old Tsarist way!




Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good to hear they finally arrived. Look forward to seeing them upon there return!

FlyXwire said...

Joe, maybe you could put on one of your RCW scenarios at a future 3rd-Sunday Game Nite event (and of course Command Con is coming up!)?