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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Last month I got to play in a game vs Blake at Glenn's house.  It was a 25mm fantasy game using Chainmail rules (yes, those Chainmail rules from Gary Gygax in 1971).  This is the second game that I played using these rules and I think that this might be the the second or third game that I played this year (!).  I just never got around to posting these pictures.  I didn't think to take pictures in the previous game and that is why I never posted up anything about it.  

Glenn's first game, I played a mixed group of orcs, goblins, and trolls trying to breakthrough Blake's dwarven defense to the green grass beyond.  I barely did it, but took heavy losses to sprites in that game.  So, this game saw us switching roles and I was the dwarves trying to stop Blake's orcs and goblins.  This was not the same game, but similar.  I lost, but I made the green skins pay a heavy toll for their win (with a little help of a third party werebear and druid.)  Below are some pictures from the game.

The lay out towards the beginning of the game after a few turns of moving.  I am the three units on the lower half of the picture.  The two flank units were melee only and the unit in the middle had bows in addition to their melee weapons.

 My left flank beating up goblins with an orc unit waiting to follow up the assault.  Because of the last game with the sprites being massive killers, everyone was scared to enter the woods so that why this was a major chockpoint.

 A bit zoomed out view of the picture from above.  I already either routed or crippled one of the two goblin units.  If they were still around but just out of the picture, they routed shortly later.

The goblin unit that attacked my left flank retreated to the center and the orcs charged my flank.  My right flank was now getting bloody by the orc archers.  I was going to try to charge them but they kept my unit pinned until they were killed off by arrows.

My left is gone, but the werebear is going to get some payback. 

Well, not that much archers charged his orc archers and just rolled bad.  The second goblin unit is routed off the board.

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